Why Doing Your Lawn Work Is Important To Having a Happy Relationship with Your Neighbors

Updated on February 22, 2021
Woman Mowing Lawn With electric Lawn Mower

You have probably heard the phrase “good fences make good neighbors.”This could be true however, establishing a happy relationship with your neighbors requires more than just a fence. Good relationships in the neighborhood thrive on mutual respect, maturity, cleanliness and being considerate of your neighbors. Did you know that the benefits of healthy lawns go beyond the beauty aspect and can impact your community and neighbors positively? Be sure to check out https://www.cozydownhome.com/best-pole-saw for the best pole saws to keep your trees pruned and your property looking its best at all times. Also, if you are looking for the perfect lawn mower, and are overwhelmed with the different kinds of mowers available in the market, then best to seek out reliable online resources for reviews and guides. -Lawnmowers vary in size, from small ones to huge ones with engines you can ride on like the Husqvarna YTA24v48. Different sizes of these cater better results depending on your needs.

Here’s why doing your lawn work is important to having a happy relationship with your neighbors. 

1. Well Mowed Lawns Can Help Deter Crime

Nothing feels better than taking a walk in a beautiful neighborhood with mowed lawns, good lighting, fresh flowers, and freshly painted homes. When you keep your lawn clean, it also reduces hiding places for criminals to take cover. Working together as a neighborhood to clean up the environment, uncover hideouts and trim the trees can foster a better relationship with your neighbors.

2. Landscaped Places Look More Welcoming

Greeting a new neighbor is always a good way to create a good impression.  But if you want your new neighbors to have a positive lasting impression of your home, ensure that you work on your lawns before they arrive. Remember, your grounds can either pull in your neighbors or turn them away. 

Secondly, if you have trees in your compound ensure that you prune them so that they do not shed their leaves in the yard next door. Your neighbor may find it very annoying if they have to rake and haul piles of leaves in garbage bags every day because of your trees. You can also use better choices of trees in your yard that will not create unnecessary work for your neighbors.

3. Your Unkempt Lawn Can Decrease Your Neighbors Home Value

If your property is unsightly, it can cause a serious financial impact on your neighbor who is trying to sell their property. This is because prospective buyers want the assurance that they will be moving into a clean and friendly environment. If you neglect your lawn work, this problem can affect your neighbor’s property value and can easily scare off a potential buyer.

4. Overgrown and Messy Lawns Can Breed Pests

When your lawn becomes too messy, it can become a breeding ground for bugs and pests. These bugs will not only affect you but the people next door as well. A significant invasion of moles into your lawn can cause serious problems between you and your neighbors. This is because moles don’t respect property lines and they can easily get into your neighbors’ lawns, and make molehills which make walking and mowing very difficult. To make things easier for you and your neighbors ensure that your lawn is well maintained and pest free. 

5. If Your Lawns Are Too Untidy, The Neighbors Could Call The Authorities

Did you know that there are specific laws and regulations that govern noise, junk cars and unmowed lawns in the USA? Knowledge is power. Your neighbors can gather evidence from your overgrown yard and they can call the local municipality and file a complaint against you. Always seek a win-win situation with your neighbors; create a sense of well being and safety in your neighborhood and you are guaranteed to live happily ever after.   

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