Why AirPods Are Still Ahead Of The Game

Updated on January 3, 2023

There Are Options

Many people have plenty of headphones at home. The variety of these devices nowadays does impress: starting from the premium ones, which allow you to dive into that melody and truly enjoy it, and ending with wireless, convenient options. Many people are buying Apple AirPod headphones for wireless and unrivalled sound quality, and I can’t blame them!

But what makes the difference is the amount of time the person uses his or her headphones on an everyday basis. In reality, you have maximum two or three pairs that are simply better than most and that’s the point.

This is where AirPods come in. They never leave my ears, pockets or bag. Among all the headphones, whether wired or Bluetooth, none have been used by me as often as these ones.

After a few years AirPods became the best earbuds that the owner of an iPhone, iPad of Mac can buy. After careful consideration of all the advantages and features AirPods can offer, we can surely see no close competitors in this field.

Simply put, AirPods are the best headphones in my life. And here is why.

Convenience At Its Best

It’s convenient for me that I throw a case in my pocket in the morning and I am not looking for a charger later that day. A decade ago we would have been fine with a set of good-sounding wired earphones -which are still very popular today. You still see them getting reviewed on MusicCritic and preferred by some having a pair that just works without batteries. But times are slowly changing in the earphones world.

It’s convenient for me that the headphones easily fly into the case, and they do so in a pleasant way as well. Besides, the size of the case is relatively small as well, it easily fits in your pocket and stays there causing not trouble when you move around. 

AirPods turn on the music when you place them in your ears. And they are able to stop it also. Even if the music is not resumed, you can gently tap on any of the headphones – it will work. That is a hint, for those who are not aware.

Inconvenience Still Exists

However, the whole Airpods story is not a fairy-tale, there are some disadvantages about the product.

For instance, after a few months of carrying the case in your pocket, it does become a complete disaster. The glossy surface will be covered in scratches because of the soft plastic used in the production process. As a consequence, the paint from your clothes or bag will color the case and it will never be as white and shiny as it used to.

The problem of losing one of the headphones comes here as well. The person could forget to place them in the case and could just throw it in the pocket and, of course, we all know the consequences. 

Another drawback might sound bizarre, but it is true: thousands of people around you are using AirPods. And while it might not be the problem, the appearance is the issue. Apple only produces their earbuds in white. Thus, you will not be able to stand out, which is important for many people. However, the cute protective cases and silicone protective cases might save the situation in that case.

Everything At Once

Overall, there are many headphones on the market: either those with the better sound quality, or better battery life. But there is no device, which can offer everything at once. Except for the AirPods.


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