Whiplash and Its Treatment till Recovery in Older People

Updated on August 25, 2020

Over 2 million American people encounter whiplash last year. Whiplash is indeed a fairly serious reaction that develops in a person’s neck after a rapid and sudden acceleration-deceleration (to and fro) impact that induces unbridled, fast forward and backward movement of the head and the upper body region involving the neck. In short, Whiplash is a specific type of soft tissue injury causing neck pain and is most often related to related to motor vehicle collisions but there are several other reasons why people suffer from whiplash. Some of the most common reasons for whiplash being:

  • Contact sports
  • Fights
  • Freefall
  • Rides

For many people who are healthier or haven’t met a strong accident, whiplash might only be a mild sprain in the ligaments and muscles that with proper care and medication gets better in a matter of days. But for others, it can be a traumatic experience and can give you a lifetime of chronic pain.

Some of the most common reasons why a whiplash injury might last longer than the usual recovery timeframe are:

  • Old age
  • Improper or no treatment
  • Weak muscles

While the intensity and severity of the injury depend solely on how rough the movement was, it is obvious that whiplash in senior citizens is much more severe and it requires much more attention and immediate medical care.

Some Facts about Whiplash

Whether you are going to your Marietta chiropractor for whiplash for the treatment or you are seeking services of any other therapist, there are some facts about whiplash that are a misconception by many people.

Let’s discuss some of the most common facts about whiplash.

Whiplash is quite serious in older people

Individuals of older age are more fragile and prone to various types of accidents. This shortcoming has exposed the latter to whiplash amongst the most major accident injuries they have ever encountered.

Aged people, especially those who still have problems with their spine and joints, such as arthritis, can experience more serious whiplash than young individuals.

As people mature, their movement becomes much more limited, their muscle fibers have little stamina and power, and the disks and tendons are not quite as stretchable as that of younger people. Thus, when their spine swings backward and forwards, there is a stronger chance of damage.

Whiplash causes the range of mobility of the upper body and even spine in some cases to reduce immensely. This causes a great deal of pain to older people and can even last a lifetime.

Whiplash symptoms other than neck pain

Although neck pain is common immediately after a whiplash accident, certain individuals do not experience distress until a few hours, days, or even after a few weeks. Later indicators do not indicate a more serious incident.

The fact is there could be many symptoms of whiplash accidents. There are just a few injuries to the spine, joint bones, and upper back pain.

The stats surrounding the injury are interesting and an eye-opener for people who do not take whiplash seriously:

92% of accidents have caused neck discomfort for multiple days

57% of cases suffer from headaches and nausea

44% of people develop a fear of accidents and PTSD

39% of people experience pains their lower regions of spine and pelvis

39% of cases of sleeplessness

49% of people suffer from severe shoulder pain

What can you be a senior citizen do about whiplash?

There are some things that you need to do immediately as soon as you get in an accident or a situation where there is a chance of you developing whiplash. Even if the symptoms have not arrived yet, you must go with your instinct and visit the doctor at your utmost convenience.

Go to the emergency room

Go visit your doctor in the ER immediately. He will prescribe you some pain killers and medicines that will allow you to have a better sleep. OTC drugs can sometimes cover the pain but in case of serious and unbearable pain, your doctor will opt for strong versions of muscle relaxants, opioids, and even injection for pain relief. If the pain does not seem to disappear after a few days, your doctor will recommend you to get an x-ray done that will allow them to analyze your situation further.

Seek the services of a chiropractor

While medications are able to shield the effect of pain and trauma caused by whiplash, a permanent fix is necessary. Visiting a chiropractor is extremely important as they will perform procedures to make spinal adjustments that would result in recovering the lost range of motion and permanently demolish whiplash from the body.

Your Marietta chiropractor for whiplash will recommend you to come for a complete number of sessions until you are fully recovered from whiplash. Many older people might think that it is not healthy to visit a chiropractor at this stage but with proper reasoning and examples, you can convince them to visit the chiropractor.

Physical therapy

Many older people are by default referred to a physical therapist that designs and develops a few training sessions that will help your muscles to regain their lost strength as well as boost the chiropractic process.

Physical therapy sessions when joined with regularity can help you regain your lost stamina and boost your body in a way that you become much healthier than your present health state. It is noticed that many people continue their physical therapy sessions even after recovering from whiplash.

Mental health therapy

For just about any purpose, an individual starts to develop a psychiatric disorder following a whiplash injury. PTSD and depression are some of the most common issues found in people who have suffered from them and the severity and intensity of the injury can cause serious mental health issues and phobia of travel.


Whiplash can be severe in old people. This means that upon an accident, it is extremely important to seek medical attention and visit your chiropractor for a permanent pain relief.

Mental health issues and physical health deterioration can be cured and improved with proper therapy and regular sessions.

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