Which Christmas Foods Are Safe for Dogs To Eat?

Updated on October 11, 2022
Which Christmas Foods Are Safe for Dogs To Eat?

For many people, the holidays are all about family and food. When everyone’s feeling merry, it can be tempting to let your furry friend share some of the delicious holiday treats, but not all foods are safe for dogs. Check out our guide to which Christmas foods are safe for dogs to eat.

Mashed Potatoes—No

While potatoes by themselves are just fine, most people add a lot of other ingredients to mashed potatoes. Butter, milk, onion, and garlic are not good for dogs, so don’t let them have any unless you want to spend the holidays at the vet. The same goes for sweet potatoes—they’re OK by themselves, but not once they’re swimming in sugar and marshmallows.

Turkey and Ham—Yes

Giving your dog a small taste of Christmas ham or turkey is generally fine. Just make sure you’re not giving them any seasonings or coatings that would harm them, such as the glaze on the ham. A piece from the inside of the dish is often much safer.

Green Beans—Yes

One Christmas food that is safe for dogs to eat is green beans. However, it’s best to give your dog a taste before you pour on the canned mushroom soup or crispy onion toppings. Keep an eye out for grandkids trying to sneak their veggies to the family dog.

Cranberry Sauce—No

Like a lot of things on this list, cranberries are actually OK as a little snack for your dog, but not once you mix them with other things. Cranberry sauce usually has added sugar to mitigate the tartness of the berries alongside nuts and other ingredients.

Other Foods To Avoid

When in doubt, it’s always safer to give your dog a vet-approved treat instead of table scraps. Some human foods can be quite toxic for dogs or give them digestive issues. These include chocolate, xylitol (sometimes found in peanut butter, syrups, and sauces), alcohol, onions, garlic, butter, sugar, and anything from the grape or raisin family.

Thankfully, there are plenty of treats you can give your dog that won’t make them sick during the holidays. To help your dog look and feel its best for the gathering, you might also consider taking them to a professional dog groomer. That way, they’ll be ready to take pictures with you and your family.