What To Look for When Buying an Oxygen Concentrator

Updated on June 3, 2022
What To Look for When Buying an Oxygen Concentrator

As we age, many of us start to experience health problems that require specific treatments. A common health issue in senior adults is not getting enough oxygen, and one of the treatments doctors prescribe for that is doing oxygen therapy with an oxygen concentrator. If you’ve recently been prescribed oxygen therapy and are looking for an oxygen concentrator, then you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn what to look for when buying an oxygen concentrator.

Does This Concentrator Fit Your Lifestyle?

There are two kinds of oxygen concentrators: stationary ones and portable ones. Depending on your lifestyle and the type of oxygen therapy your doctor prescribed, one of these may be better than the other. Home-bound senior adults or people prescribed occasional oxygen therapy under specific circumstances should focus on a stationary concentrator for their home. Active senior adults or people who need oxygen therapy while on the go should look into portable oxygen therapy that they can carry with them.

How Loud Is It?

Oxygen concentrators make noise—and this is a fact that oxygen users can’t escape. But different concentrators make different amounts of noise, and they should list their decibel level where you can easily read it. Most concentrators make about 50 decibels of noise, which sounds like a quiet office or a running appliance like a refrigerator. If you can, try to find a concentrator that emits 45 decibels or less of noise, since this will be much quieter and more comfortable. Avoid any concentrator that makes 60 decibels of noise or higher, because this can be as loud as a conversation and disturb people around you.

Is It Durable?

Perhaps one of the most important features of your oxygen concentrator is its durability. The highest-rated portable oxygen concentrators are extremely durable and can go with you anywhere, including on hikes and planes. If you live an active lifestyle, then you need a durable concentrator that can be active with you. Even if you’re looking for a stationary concentrator that will sit at home, durability is important. You want your concentrator to last a long time since it’s a large financial investment. Generally, the more durable your concentrator is, the longer it will last.

Now you know what to look for when buying an oxygen concentrator: how it fits your lifestyle, how much noise it makes, and its durability. By focusing on these three elements of your oxygen concentrator, you will find one that fits your needs, keeps you comfortable, and will last a long time.

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