What To Do Now That You’re an Empty Nester

Updated on March 20, 2023
What To Do Now That You’re an Empty Nester

Great news . . . they’re finally gone! Your kids are full-grown adults and out of the house. Of course, you’ll miss them, but the world is now your oyster. While your kids are out living their best lives, you should too! The possibilities of activities seem endless, but we know exactly what you can do now that you’re an empty nester.

Explore New and Old Hobbies

With all this free time on your hands, you can explore old and new passions. What are some of the things you used to do before becoming a parent? All parents make sacrifices—it’s inevitable. But you can pick up all those things you put on the back burner again.

While you reconnect with your old favorites, discover some new ones. Dig deep and remember all those activities and hobbies you said you’d do when you had more time. Guess what: you have more time now! Start a list and try something new every month. The planning and exploring will keep you plenty busy.

Consider Downsizing

Downsizing will come with some mixed feelings. On the one hand, you raised your family in this house, and saying goodbye will be emotional. But remember that home is where the heart is. It’s not a place. Sometimes, it’s a person or a feeling.

Relocating to a smaller spot will be easier for you because it’s much more manageable. Plus, you can always give your kids some of the things you don’t plan to bring along. Then, consider hiring a moving company for the rest. What you can expect from a full-service moving company are careful and efficient procedures that make the moving process easier for everyone—no need to overwork yourself.

Make a Travel Bucket List

Bucket lists are awesome, and travel bucket lists are even better. There are probably some places you never got to visit because the kids always came first. And no matter how many family vacations you all took, there are likely still some destinations you want to see.

Start making that list today. Don’t limit yourself by staying local; international travel is also possible. You just need to plan ahead. For every location, you may need to make a list of all the activities you want to do while there. Start a travel fund too. Add to it each month and see how far you get by the end of the year.

Have Some One-on-One Time

It happens to the best of us: kids become our sole purpose, and we sometimes forget about who we were as a couple before they showed up. The good news is the magic is still there. You just need to go searching.

Take this time to reconnect with your partner. Start a date night tradition once a week. Maybe your partner can join in on some of the hobbies you plan to explore. And of course, they’re coming for all the travel plans. In no time, it will start to feel like when you first started dating.

There’s plenty to do now that you’re an empty nester. From picking up old and new hobbies to rekindling your connection with your partner, your newly freed-up schedule offers plenty of opportunities for exciting change.