What to Do in Retirement: 9 Awesome Business Ideas for Seniors

Updated on March 12, 2023

Many of us dream of retirement. The day when we can finally say goodbye to our careers and spend the rest of our days doing exactly what we want.

For some of us, however, what we want doesn’t include decades of idle time.

What if you always hoped to open a business? But then life got in the way and before you knew it, you’re at the end of a career that was never what you imagined for yourself.

If you fit into the second group, you may be considering a few business ideas for seniors. And you’re in the right place if you are!

To learn more about some of the best business ventures you can begin in retirement, keep reading!

1. Turn Your Hobby into a Business

Once you’ve made it to retirement, especially if you’ve endured decades of a career you never truly loved, the last thing you want to do is jump into another. The best way to avoid this is to turn a hobby into a business!

Thanks to the internet, you can market anything you make online with ease. Whether you love baking cupcakes or have a passion for reviewing movies, you can (and should!) make money doing so. If you need would like to look into startup funding for your new small business, see if title loans are a good idea for your needs.

2. Purchase Rental Property

If you have money to invest, putting it in real estate is one of the best options out there.

Now, becoming a landlord does come with its downsides, such as dealing with the occasional bad tenant. However, you can bypass a lot of this by hiring a property manager or management company to do the hard work for you.

3. Bed and Breakfast Owner

To avoid the possibility of unruly tenants completely, pass on long-term rentals and go for a bed and breakfast instead! Keep in mind that this will involve direct interaction with guests, so if you’re not a people person, this may not be for you.

But if you love to socialize and have excellent hosting skills, a B&B can be a great deal of fun. Simply purchase an attractive home in a tourist-friendly area and serve your guests a tasty breakfast when they wake up in the morning!

4. Life Coach

Who better to give others advice on a successful life than someone who’s already had one? Young people, in particular, are often in need of a mentor when it comes to networking and building a career.

You no doubt have a wealth of knowledge on not only career matters but life overall as well. Helping others get off on the right foot in life can make for a fulfilling pastime that you get paid to do!

5. Home Repairs

If you’re a homeowner, you’ve likely honed your handyman skills over the years. And if you’re confident in your work, offer your services to your neighbors! Doing so in exchange for positive reviews can help you to build your small business quickly.

Just be sure to do your research to find out how to reduce workers’ compensation costs if you plan to have any employees. Home repair work can be on the dangerous side and workers comp can be costly.

6. Gardening

Not an expert with a hammer but can work magic with a trowel? Why not put your green thumb to use by starting a gardening service!

You can expand this into further landscaping services such as lawn mowing and raking as well, or stick to smaller projects, it’s entirely up to you.

The beauty of owning your own business is that you get to choose which services you offer and which you don’t.

7. Buy and Sell Goods

Believe it or not, if you love to shop and are a pro at finding the best deals, you can turn it into a business. It’s as simple as it sounds: find deals on goods such as clothes and antiques and sell them in your own shop at a higher price.

While you can open a brick and mortar store, it’s more cost-effective (and easier) to sell your products in an online store. There are many options to do so, from Etsy to Amazon. A bit of research will help you determine which is right for you.

8. Become a Franchisee

If you don’t have an idea for a new business, but owning your own physical store is still appealing to you, consider becoming a franchisee! There are dozens of franchise options to choose from, many of which are happy to accept newcomers.

Enthusiastic about hair? You could be the new owner of a hair salon! Or, if you’re more of a foodie, you could invest in your favorite place to get your morning coffee.

9. Invest in Others’ Dreams

Last but not least, if you’ve had a successful career and therefore have funds to spare, you could invest in others’ passion projects.

Yes, you’ll be assisting someone on their way to achieving their dreams. But you’ll also be on the receiving end of royalties if they reach them, making this endeavor well worth your time.

Keep Your Mind Sharp with These Business Ideas for Seniors

Whether you’ve yet to fulfill a lifelong dream or simply want to keep your mind sharp as you age, consider moving forward with one of these business ideas for seniors!

Settling into old age isn’t for everyone. The true key to staying young is staying active! And what better way to keep your mind and body active than by pursuing a passion and making money at the same time?

It’s never too late to chase your dreams. Better late than never, after all. Don’t be afraid to start today!

If you’re looking for more tips on staying sharp as you age, be sure to check out our blog!

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