What Senior Living Options to seniors with Dementia Have?

Updated on October 26, 2020

If you have a loved one who has dementia, you must know that caregiving for such a patient comes with multiple challenges. Dementia is a biological brain disorder that becomes more difficult with times. It also becomes difficult to communicate with such patients. If you do not help your patient in time, then with different mood swingsand multiple behaviors and personality changes, it becomes very tough to help such patients. When you notice behavioral trouble patterns and the inability to communicate, you must take some essential steps to ensure that your loved one gets proper care and treatment. 

How to communicate with a person suffering from dementia?

It is quite apparent that most of us do not know how to communicate with a person suffering from dementia disorder. Still, you need to learn communication skills as it is an essentialpart of caregiving. Only when you have good communication skills, you can have a better relationship with your loved one. A person suffering from dement would face multiple behavioral problems, but with proper communication skills, you can handle these problems in a much easier manner. Many memory care facilities in Los Angeles can help you provide premium services to manage the illness.

  • Set a festive mood for communication. You must start the communicationrespectfully and pleasantly with an appropriate tone of voice and facial expressions.
  • During the conversation, you must limit any other distractions because you need to give adequate attention to the dementia patient. Maintaining eye contact is very necessary to initiate a good conversation.
  • Speak in a very reassuring tone with clarity in your sentence and words.
  • Try to make the daily task more manageable for your loved one by reminding them of the daily activities. 
  • You may notice that senior persons lose concentration quite quicklyas they get distracted and agitated. It becomes imperative for you to change the topic into something interesting when they get distracted. 
  • Always respond in a very affectionate and reassuring manner and do not make them feel that they are suffering from an ailment.
  • Try to always stay humorous in front of a dementia patient so that you can keep them happy and lively.

Some living options for seniors suffering from dementia

Daycare Centers

Multiple local communities provide daycare programs for senior members who have dementia. It is quite similar to a child care program where you keep your child for nurture. The only difference is that you need professional care with appropriate medication to help the patient revive back to everyday life rapidly. The people here get trained to deal with different stages of dementia with propersupervision and medical counseling. They also have many programs to help stimulate the mind of your loved one with appropriate skills and knowledge. For memory care in California, you can explore both online and offline platforms. 

Hiring nurses or physicians

Is it becoming difficult for you to take your loved one to the physician? It is quite right that it becomes very challenging to take your loved one who has dementia to visit physicians or nurses. Nonetheless, there are multiple care facilities and units that provide nurses to visit your home and give the necessary care and assessment to the patient. Yet you must consult with theright memory care unit to find out whether these physicians are available in your area.

Opting for respite care

Occasionally it becomes very exhausting for the caregiver to give constant attention to the patients who have dementia. Respite care aims to provide a break for caregivers from the regular monotonous routine to feel more charged. Most of the respite care units are available in the residential facilities. Nonetheless, you must find out what kind of respite care program you want. 

Finding companions and home helpers

There are multiple home services available for your assistance, like grocery shopping and housekeeping. Sometimes a caregiver also needs a companion to help them carry out thedaily activities. The caregiver needs proper hydration and nutrition to handle the patient. If the caregiver falls sick, it becomes challenging for the patient to govern themselves because they are dependent on the caregiver.  Thus, you must hire companions to carry out the daily activities in an effortless manner. 

The caregiver must take necessary breaks because too much exhaustion can become detrimental to their health. Different family members must come together and contributeto the patient. Only if you divide responsibilities, you can help the patient recover rapidly. If you do not stay vigilant and active while taking care of a dementia patient, they might face accidents. You have to be both mentally and physically stable to have proper devotion to dementia illness patients. As such, you need breaks to keep your mind and body balanced so that your health does not get affected. 

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