What Kind of Care is There for Assisted Living That Takes Medicaid

Updated on June 22, 2020
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Transitioning into an assisted living community can be an exciting experience for seniors who would like a bit more help with some of their day-to-day tasks and to have the opportunity to meet new friends. Assisted living care can take various forms, depending on the qualifications and care standards of the community providing services, but BridgeWater Assisted Living offers numerous services to help with managing daily and weekly tasks and other “to-dos.” The high-quality care and personal attention at BridgeWater are unmatched in the Phoenix area.

For assisted living that takes Medicaid, there are certain requirements for individuals or couples to qualify, but they vary from state to state. Medicaid must also approve the assisted living community based on its own requirements, most of which focus on a home or community’s ability to provide quality care and trained assistance.

Arizona’s Medicaid

Medicaid in Arizona is run through the Long-Term Care System (ALTCS), which is a division of the Arizona health care system. This division is in charge of covering the costs of medical and health care in relation to assisted living communities and the services offered. It does not cover the cost of room and board, just the costs associated with the health and wellness components of an assisted living community.

The ALTCS specifically works with the elderly and disabled residents of Arizona, making sure they can access the care they need. Outside of paying for room and board—which are about $1,150 a month, based on averages from 2019—Medicaid is normally able to pay for the rest of the costs as they relate to care. Some communities offer more services than others, but much of what is covered can be found below. These services are available in many assisted living communities.

24-Hour Personal Assistance

Knowing in the back of your mind that someone will be there for you at any time of the day or night is one of the more important components of assisted living. When you’re on your own, it’s nice to have help from others, but there can be questions about calling for or getting help in the middle of the night. This isn’t so when you’re in a safe and secure assisted living community. There’s always someone on call, whether you’re concerned about a health issue or just need someone to talk to. Your care and well-being are paramount, and with 24-hour assistance, you can rest assured that you will always have somewhere to turn.

Dining Services

One of life’s greatest enjoyments is food, and the dining services offered in assisted living are often restaurant-style. That means there is particular emphasis on both aesthetic and flavor, in addition to nutritional content and personal dietary requirements. In large dining rooms, residents can gather together with friends and enjoy meals in a relaxed yet engaged environment. Servers and staff are keen to meet you, find out your name, and of course, learn about your food preferences. Undoubtedly, there will be many treats in store in dining services.

Emergency Call Pendant

Much like having someone on call throughout the day and night, individuals can be comforted that even in an unexpected or emergency situation, they can reach someone. With an emergency-call pendant, you can request assistance from staff who will immediately come to your aid. This can also be a huge peace of mind for loved ones who previously cared for their elderly family members. Knowing that their senior loved ones will be able to communicate with the staff can provide them with a huge sigh of relief.

Housekeeping Services

This is a weekly service that helps residents around their homes. Between deep cleaning, scrubbing up, and linen services, it’s nice that you’ll be able to keep your home enjoyable, presentable, and relaxed, with a little help from the housekeeping staff.


Getting from Point A to Point B can sometimes be a challenge for individuals who either don’t have a personal vehicle or who have lost some mobility. There are scheduled trips to doctor’s appointments, rides to go out on shopping trips, and even recreational outings. The outing destinations differ, but it could be to a restaurant, a museum, an art gallery, or other type of exhibit, to a show, to a music venue, and more.

Wellness Activities

Staying physically, mentally, and spiritually active in senior-hood is extremely important in prolonging the time for enjoying life. Through mental and physical fitness, in classes, exercises, games, and presentations, you’ll remember that age is just a number. Participating and partaking in wellness activities can bring our residents enjoyed camaraderie and renewed vigor. When you join in on one of the activities or events, you’re supporting your total health and adding daily joy to your life.

Approved for Medicaid

BridgeWater is Medicaid-certified and able to receive payments to cover your health and medical care coverage. We offer an array of services to provide the most comfortable and supportive resident-centered home environment. The surroundings offer warm weather year-round with impressive desert views and plenty of things to do. From the numerous galleries, museums, and festivals, the area offers a lot to experience.

There is also a Community Benefits Advocate with whom you can speak to discuss requirements and your eligibility, get an application started, and answer any additional questions you may have about using Medicaid to cover some of the costs of assisted living. With all the provided care services opening up more time for life’s simple pleasures and enjoyment, you can trust that you’ll be comfortable at one of our modern and upscale locations. Make an appointment today to come meet with a representative and take a tour of the campus of your choice. We are excited to welcome you to our community.


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