What Is the Best Method to Deal with Dissociative Amnesia?

Updated on July 30, 2021

The brain is very adept at creating and cherishing memories. But it is not infallible. Malfunctions happen due to various reasons and can snatch away those memories that define life itself. That is the result of Dissociative Amnesia. While there isn’t a cure, there’s plenty of help to be found in portals like The Human Condition.

Dissociative amnesia takes a toll on not only the patient but also their near and dear ones. The latter have to contend with the fact that they may not experience their beloved person as before. Life with them won’t be the same and is likely to carry on in that path further. 

The affected will need increasing attention from those supporting them as they might not even remember their house, room, etc. Other effects, like irritability, may also arise as a side, complicating matters further. It takes tremendous amounts of patience, love, and effort on the art of the caretakers to keep the patient safe and well.

Recognizing the Best Way to Deal with Lack of Recognition

Management of dissociative amnesia is difficult but not impossible. It is made easy by following some guidelines and techniques recommended by the medical fraternity. Plenty of resources like The Human Condition help spread awareness and material about such measures that amnesia caretakers can adopt. These are bound to help both the patient and those around them in numerous ways.

Reduce Pain by Treating the Symptoms

Pain can be both physical and mental. Deep mental trauma, like the effects of war, is considered a cause of this amnesia type. Ironically, it’s the bad memories that trigger the loss of memory. Some physical pains due to ailments they might be suffering can also add to their amnesia.

Therefore, it’s best to assuage their pains, whatever the type. Therapy, pills or both may need to get used for it to succeed.

Try To Help Them Recollect

In the worst cases, the affected may partially or completely lose their identity. They might also forget other vital information like house addresses, pets, etc.

They must be aided to recollect their memories constantly to push back against the onslaught of the disorder. People, objects, or places should get used in the treatment process. It’s not to leave the affected for long by themselves.

Get Professional Help without Fail

It is nearly impossible to deal with someone affected by dissociative amnesia without professional help. You must get your affected person regular treatments through therapy sessions and any other as required.

Not being diligent in keeping up with the appointments will leave the patient in a worse condition.

Learn and Teach New Coping Mechanisms

Your therapist will suggest new ways to go about living life under the new reality. You’ll need to adapt them to keep the affected person engaged and functioning.

It could be a new hobby or life skill that will force their mind to function and recollect. It will also serve as a pivot for when they want to perform recollection.

Dissociative amnesia patients will suffer more if their care is the thing that’s forgotten. To avoid that, go through websites like The Human Condition and learn of the best ways you can give them the best care.


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