What Can The Best Recruiter In An RN Staffing Agency Do For You

Updated on October 14, 2022

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Healthcare facilities that are finding themselves short-staffed are turning more and more to medical staffing agencies to find talent to fill their positions. In turn, professionals who have their choice of a plethora of job openings, like the nursing community, are also turning to staff companies to find positions that suit their lifestyles and accommodate their needs.

The staffing agency acts in almost a mediator sort of capacity between business leaders and the talent community. There’s really no more of the “pounding the pavement” mentality when looking for employment. 

That’s especially true when you possess RN credentials for which there is a high demand since there is an incredible shortage. 

Partnering with big RN staffing agency means much of the stress and frustration that commonly comes with applying to positions is negotiated by coordinators with the company. 

When assigned to an intake specialist, that person will get to know who you are, what your goals are, and where you see yourself in the nursing profession and assist you in establishing a strategy for achieving your ideal position. 

What can the best recruiter in a nursing staffing agency accomplish for you? Let’s find out.

What Can The Best Recruiter In A RN Staffing Agency Accomplish For You

Working with a recruiter in a staffing agency as a professional RN gives you an advantage over much of the competition in the field. The only issue you have is there is no real competition to speak of in the nursing profession. 

In fact, there’s an unbelievable shortage allowing these professionals to, in a sense, pick and choose how, when, where, and what they want to do and at what price point. 

It’s making it quite a challenge for the healthcare leaders trying to fill the position essentially because if an RN is dissatisfied with the job, they can move on with little difficulty. 

Retention is quite the challenge. One way to resolve the situation is to have a company that acts in almost a mediator capacity between the healthcare facility and the nursing professional to negotiate the employment terms. 

That’s, in essence, the position of a recruiter or an RN staffing agency. The company partners with the nurse to find a facility that best meets their professional goals and considers their lifestyle needs. 

Instead of “pounding the pavement” in search of the perfect job or attempting to negotiate acceptable terms with a potential employer, the recruiter takes much of the brunt away from the nurse. 

It leaves the primary responsibility to discuss skills, experience, job duties, the meat and bones of the position. What should you expect from the ideal recruiter? 

  • The recruiter will help you find better job opportunities

Whether you’re dissatisfied with your previous positions or new on the job hunt, a healthcare recruiter is an ideal person to partner with in your search. The individual can expand your options in a way that might have otherwise not been considered without disrupting your lifestyle in the process. Go to https://recruitingdaily.com/how-nurse-stffing-agencies-can-create-flexible-job-opportunities-for-entry-level-nurses/ for details on how recruiters create flexibility for new nurses.

Finding a role where your skill set and experience are tailor-made for the job is possible. The best recruiter is capable of matching you to those positions. The staffing agency wastes no time in their search, usually having a result faster than you might anticipate but not to disappoint, instead exceeding what you had expected.

  • Providing you with that competitive edge

The demand for new nurses is at an all-time high and continues to rise. Competition is fierce for the most sought-after positions. When a nursing recruiter endorses a client, it boosts the chances for that position to go to the individual because the resume is usually pulled from the stack for review.

The recruiter will ensure that your profile is complete and that you are solid and ready before approaching the hiring manager. When the hiring manager gets the call, it’s to schedule the personal interview, and from that point, the ball’s in your court.

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  • Negotiations are part of what the recruiter will handle on their end

Not only does the recruiter do all they can to ensure that you get the ideal position, but the best recruiter will do due diligence to ensure the compensation package is negotiated for optimum benefits and incentives to satisfy your circumstances but overall exceeds those expectations. Click here for differences between staff nursing vs. agency nursing.

Final Thought

When you work with a recruiter, your best interest is their priority. The individual will work with you to advise on the best interview tactics, counsel you on this process and help you establish the most professional resume tailored to the specific position you’re applying to. The recruiter can’t subscribe to success unless you reach your most sought-after goals.

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