What Can Hypnotherapy Help With

Updated on February 14, 2022
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Hypnosis is an entirely natural state in which you find yourself every day. Admittedly, that hypnotic trance lasts only a few seconds. It’s a state just before waking up, as well as a moment just before falling asleep. Hypnotic trance can also include reading a book, playing games, or anything that requires complete focus and makes you ‘switch off’ from reality.

In short, hypnosis is a slow state of mind and body. Scientists also call it the alpha level. You are very relaxed physically, but the brain is active enough to think, plan, dream, etc. Then your intuition and creativity are expressed, so you’re more focused on yourself than external distractions. 

This phase has a regenerating effect on the whole organism and encourages self-healing, which is why it’s targeted by hypnosis. Hypnotherapy combines hypnosis with a method that uses the power of positive suggestions. The goal is to change the subconscious and affect thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Ore on the history of this method read here.

Is Hypnotherapy Safe?

The word ‘hypnosis’ is derived from Greek and means ‘sleep.’ It describes a state of physical relaxation and mental focus. But don’t think you’re completely cut off from this world. Movies have made people create a misconception about hypnosis. Don’t worry; the therapist won’t turn you into a chicken or force you to do anything against your will.

While hypnotized by an expert therapist, you still have complete control over your body. You do things willingly; no one is forcing you. The therapist can give suggestions, but the realization comes only with the patient’s full consent.

In general, hypnotherapy is safe if professionals conduct it. It has helped millions of patients overcome emotional and physical problems. Patients who have trouble with their emotions and behavior will benefit greatly from hypnotherapy. 

Mental Issues

The most important benefit of hypnosis is that it can help people understand why they do certain things. These usually happen when their brain is disturbed due to some reason, so they develop some mental issues. 

A hypnotist will be able to take you back to the exact moment in which your behavior took root. That can be of great help for identifying the cause of the problem. For example, you have a fear of airplanes, so you avoid flying. As a kid, you watched a movie displaying an airplane crash. You perceive that as something scary. That’s the reason that might lie deep in your consciousness and explain your fear of flying.

Once they know the source of the problem, hypnosis can help the therapist determine further treatment course. Although this method can’t cure your ailment, it can be a powerful tool in healing. 


When it comes to substance dependence, hypnosis is a great treatment option. Suppose you’ve struggled with an addiction to alcohol or drugs. In that case, hypnotherapy is a natural way to break the cycle and overcome your problem. These substances alter your mind, and this method helps you get back in order.

As explained on annahanael.com, therapists use methods that can help you ‘rewire’ your brain. These techniques often focus on changing habits and relieving psychological symptoms. It’s good for smoking or alcohol cessation. Also, it makes mental preparation for relapse prevention. 

For prolonged results, most therapists use hypnotherapy along with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In that case, a referral from an expert psychiatrist or neurologist is required. That’s because they understand the role of hypnosis as part of an overall treatment plan.

Sleep Issues

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Using hypnosis to help you get a good night’s sleep is an effective way to combat insomnia. Although the method can seem like sleep, it’s not the same. But the process is safe and easy and can be performed on anyone regardless of age or health background.

The techniques used in hypnosis can reset the subconscious mind to become more relaxed. As a result, people undergoing the therapy can expect a less stressful and more peaceful rest without frequent waking up. 

Pain Management

People very often underestimate the power of their own minds and will. So it may be unclear to them how hypnosis can help eliminate physical pain. But studies have revealed that hypnosis helps reduce and even eliminate pain. 

Hypnotherapy shows great improvements in people with chronic pains, such as migraines and fibromyalgia. It can help the body respond positively to various physical challenges, such as wound healing and inflammation. You imagine your body without pain and discomfort and believe in that – it will be quite enough to start the process of self-healing.

Improving Focus

In a state of hypnosis, it’s easier to access the information stored in your memory. Then the ability to change and improve things is enhanced because the critical part of the brain is inactive. That can help you relieve your mind of unnecessary things and focus on something more important. 

For example, high-achieving athletes use hypnosis to improve their concentration and mental preparation before big games. Therapists help them overcome stage fright or fears and jump into the winner mindset. 

Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy can help people with weight loss. Overeating candies and snacks can also be treated as an addiction to sugars and simple carbs. People usually turn them when anxious, stressed, or depressed. And when they feel bad, they look bad to and vice versa. So it’s necessary to help them get out of the vicious circle and change the perception of food as a comfort.

Due to the deep relaxation of the mind during hypnosis, the suggestions go directly to the subconscious. The therapist will help you create images of yourself with the ideal weight. Of course, it’s the vision you should strive for; you just need some mental incentive. That is why weight loss hypnosis gives results after just a few sessions.

It has been long known that hypnosis is an effective therapy. It’s not a fad but a legitimate treatment provided by medical experts. Of course, hypnotherapy is not an almighty solution to all your problems. But it can help you with a range of physical and emotional issues.


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