What Are The Good Shoes For Seniors?

Updated on March 31, 2021
Group of seniors walking or walking as a fitness training in nature

Although age is gold, the process of aging comes with so many demands that are quite impossible to fight. One of these demands is wearing supportive and comfortable footwear to minimize the risk of dangerous falls. 

You see, as you age, your body begins to lose stamina and fat protection, which is bad news to your feet. This forces your feet to press firmly on the floor leading to minor irritations, heel spur, ankle, or even back pains in severe cases. 

Therefore, to lessen these types of discomforts, a good pair of shoes is vital. But, finding the right footwear that will suit your specific demands can be challenging. Thankfully, this post has listed a range of supportive shoes that are both functional and stylish at the same time.

Features of Good Shoes for Seniors

  • Adequate Padding: Raising your feet when walking can sometimes be an issue. This is mostly the case if you’re suffering from obesity where more pressure is put on your feet and joints. So, to reduce the impact of your feet on the ground, you need shoes with adequate padding.
  • Non-Slip Sole: Again, to prevent dangerous falls and improve stability when walking, a pair of shoes with a non-skid sole will be vital. 
  • Low Heel:If you’re suffering from balance issues and foot deformities, a low heel shoe with a slightly raised heel can really help. This type of shoe can relieve the undue strain on your feet when walking.

Best Shoe Options for Seniors

Although every senior has his/her own demands when it comes to footwear, this post will discuss a few shoe options that appear to be a common choice for most seniors. Please take a look.

Walking Shoes for Seniors

New Balance 680V6-Men & Women

The New Balance 680V6 is one of the best options when it comes to walking shoes for seniors. This shoe is well-balanced making it immensely supportive. The upper part of this shoe consists of a mesh and synthetic fabric that makes the shoe breathable. 

The sole consists of durable rubber that’s also non-slip. Besides, the 10mm thick sole features an ABZORB shock absorbency technology that helps to relieve both back pains and heel pains when walking.

Asics Gel Nimbus 23-Men & Women

The Asics Gel Nimbus 23 is suited for trail walking and running. What makes this shoe a perfect match for seniors is the high level of comfort and support it offers. The uppers consist of a stretchy and breathable synthetic that accommodates your feet while walking. 

The sole of this shoe comprises of a FlyteFoam midsole that has a gel cushioning to help attenuate shock on impact when walking. Besides, the insole comprises of a slip-resistant rubber that has a special moisture-wicking advantage.

Portrait of two senior females running outdoors

Walking Sneakers for Seniors

Adidas EQT Racing ADV W-Men & Women

The best thing about the Adidas EQT ADV W shoe is how it strains to offer the perfect stability, flexibility, and breathability to seniors. Although it resembles ordinary footwear, this shoe uses its advanced midsole technology to absorb shock when walking. 

The inside has a moisture-wicking lining that maintains the shoe’s breathability. Available in a range of colors, the Adidas EQT ADV W is among the best sneakers for elderly especially those with severe foot problems. 

Propet Life Walker

The Propet Life Walker is another excellent walking sneaker that suits both young and old people. The design consists of leather uppers that are breathable enough to keep your feet comfortable. There’s a heel stabilizer at the bottom and a cushioned Ortholite insole that relieves pressure on your feet when walking. 

Other than its high level of comfort, the Propet Life Walker is equipped with an advanced Velcro closure system that relieves seniors from the hassle of having to lace up their shoes. 

Slip-On Walking Shoes

SkechersGo Walk 4-Men & Women

The Skechers Go Walk 4 is a shoe that’s specially designed with seniors in mind. This shoe has an upper soft air mesh, a wider width, and a flexible air-cooled goga mat insole that helps to relieve pressure on your feet when walking.

PropetWash N Wear-Men & Women

Just as the name suggests, the Propet Wash N Wear shoe is very easy to maintain, as it only requires a quick cleanup. The men’s model has leather uppers while women’s models have textured bodies. 

These shoes have shock-absorbing midsoles and are flexible, breathable, and wide enough to fit your swollen feet.

Velcro Senior Shoes 

New Balance 411-Men & Women

The best thing about Velcro shoes is that they’re convenient especially when worn by seniors. The New Balance 411 is a perfect example of how convenient these shoes can be. Made from leather, these shoes are not only cushioned but also equipped with thick padding on the collar and tongue. 

The Velcro closure is the main selling point of this footwear for seniors as it eliminates the hassle of dealing with stubborn laces when tying the shoe.

Walking Sandals for Seniors

ECCO Yucatan-Men & Women

If you’re a senior looking for a shoe to wear during the hot summer seasons, then the ECCO Yucatan is a perfect fit that won’t strain your aching feet. Perfect for outdoor excursions, this sandal boasts of having leather uppers and an adjustable strap that fits your specific feet.

This sandal has a rubber sole to prevent skidding and a contoured footbed that’s well cushioned to offer the right support, stability, and comfort.

Propet Daytona &Propet Breeze

Another sandal that can offer a lot of convenience during the hot summer months is the Propet Daytona for men and Propet Breeze for women. These shoes for seniors feature full-grain leather and have adjustable straps that offer a customized fit. 

These shoes are soft and breathable and have polyurethane soles that offer an excellent shock absorbing advantage to your aging feet. 


Sticking to a specific fitness plan such as exercising frequently can help you shed a few pounds and also strengthen your muscles. But, when it comes to walking, your body tends to put extra stress on your feet which can be quite challenging if you’re suffering from various feet conditions. 

Therefore, to stay safe and comfortable throughout the day, you need a pair of shoes that can shoulder some of these footing problems. Thankfully, this post has listed some of the best shoes for seniors that can provide the best intervention for your specific problems. 


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