Ways To Reduce The Pain While Epilating!

Updated on September 19, 2018

Most people when they think of an epilator think of it as a woman’s hair removing machine. However, this is a big misconception as there are special epilators for men as well which can be used to remove facial or body hair.  Read on to find out more.

Tips to minimize pain while using an epilator

1. First, shorten the hair in the identified area

Epilators don’t work too well with extremely long hair. So, if you are planning to get rid of your arm, leg or back hair for the first time and it is considerably long it is preferable that you first shorten it by using an electric trimmer. Once it’s shorter you can start epilating as it will be easier and less painful

2. Take a hot shower before epilating

It has been noted that taking a hot shower before epilating reduces the level of pain you might experience while epilating. However, make sure to dry yourself off completely with a dry towel before epilating for good results. Do not skip this step as it is highly recommended by many men to reduce the pain while epilating.

3. Use powder on the identified area

Spread some talcum powder on the area you are planning to epilate. Epilators do not work well with wet areas so by using powder you will be drying off any sweat and ensure that the epilator works well. Powders also cause the hair to stand up which helps in grasping the hair much more easily.

4. Experiment and find the right pace for yourself

Everybody is different so there is no one fixed pace you should go at. Try it out first then go slow and gradually increase the pace and see what works for you best. Some men prefer the speed of the epilator to be fast as it hurts less whereas some prefer a low or medium speed. Trying it out to see what suits you best is ideal. Once you identify the speed that works for you best and you are used to the motion it’s easier the next time.

5. Read reviews before buying an epilator

There are epilators which men have tried and tested and found to be less painful. So, before you buy an epilator read the reviews and pick the one up which has good reviews and is known to be less painful. You can go through some of the known best men epilators and see which you like best and try it out!

Today we are spoilt for choice. There are epilators with a number of features including inbuilt pain relief technology. So, make sure you read and go through all these features thoroughly before settling for the final one.

With an epilator not only can you get rid of unwanted hair at the comfort of your home but also save a lot of money which you would have to spend for getting professional waxing done in a parlor.


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