Ways To Make Exterior Home Maintenance Easier

Updated on February 20, 2023
Ways To Make Exterior Home Maintenance Easier

As you get older, it can become more difficult to do things like mowing the lawn and scraping out gutters. However, that doesn’t mean you care any less about your home’s appearance. Thankfully, there are ways to make exterior home maintenance easier as you age so you can keep your house looking fabulous.

Hire Some Help

First things first—don’t be afraid to hire someone to help you keep your home looking the way you want it to. If mowing, hedge trimming, and staining are too strenuous, don’t hesitate to phone a professional. By making sure the maintenance gets done, you’re still taking care of your home.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Another thing to keep in mind is that putting off maintenance tasks just makes them harder to do. If you want to keep things simple, complete routine tasks more often. Touching up paint on your railings and windowsills is a lot easier than stripping, sanding, and repainting your entire front porch. When you do maintenance regularly, you also give yourself a chance to spot small problems before they become big ones.

Use Time Savers

A time saver is basically any device that makes it easier to perform a maintenance task. For instance, putting covers on your gutters means you won’t need to clean out leaves and debris. You can also switch out your flagpole for a telescoping pole—one of the many advantages of telescoping poles is that they’re very easy to take down in bad weather.

Make Landscaping Easy

One of the best ways to make your exterior home maintenance easier is to simplify your landscaping. For example, change out the grass under your trees for bushes that love shade, and you’ll never have to worry about mowing or weed-whacking around tree roots. Other tricks to try include:

  • Planting perennials instead of annuals
  • Using gravel and stepping stones instead of grass
  • Planting denser garden beds for quick pruning
  • Switching to evergreens, which results in fewer dead leaves

Home maintenance may get more challenging as you get older, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the appearance of your home. The important thing to remember is to simplify your exterior maintenance where you can and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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