Various freelance transcription jobs that is available for beginners online

Updated on September 23, 2020

Working as a freelance transcriptionist has its own pros and cons. Freelance marketing is certainly filled with various kinds of opportunities for all skill sets, but the number of job vacancies and the kind of opportunities that a transcriptionist gets is probably more than any other skill sets. 

This is because of the versatility that transcriptionist would have. Initially, when you start as a freelance transcriptionist, you might find the market to be bleak as you may not be able to attract a lot of clients and jobs towards yourself. 

This could mainly be because of your inexperience in the Freelance transcription jobs and also the keywords that you would have used on your profile to target the customers. Along with this, your researching skills might not be sound either in order to understand the entire market. This article is going to give you ten job possibilities that every transcriptionist can explore as a beginner in the freelancing world. When you learn more on these lines, it becomes easy for you to become an established freelance transcriptionist quickly.

Language experts

The freelance market is quite open to people that want to excel as language experts in different industries. As a transcriptionist, you would certainly have developed language skills, and it is good if you’re a bilingual or multilingual as you can work on these projects as well. As a transcriptionist, you have the scope to expand your wings and explore the areas of language experts as well as you are multi-faceted. 

Medical transcriptionist

The area of medicine opens up a plethora of opportunities for transcriptionists. Medical transcription is one of those sectors where a huge number of transcription work is needed on a daily basis, and as a beginner, this is yet another online field where you can look forward to getting assignments from. 

Legal transcriptionist

The area of law is yet another sector that has a lot of audio files transcription to be done from the transcriptionists. As a beginner, you can even apply for these jobs because the audio files that are shared by the lawyers are easy to convert, unlike the medical transcription work.

Education department

The education department is yet another sector that hires a lot of beginner transcriptionists to get the things done. This is one of those sectors which are evergreen, and you will certainly have a lot of work to do in terms of the book, documents, and other research files to be transcribed.

Media houses

Media houses are well established, and they would also have a lot of audiobooks and other videos that require transcription to be done. As a beginner, you can approach some of the media houses to seek an assignment. 


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There are many writers these days that do not use typewriters or computers to type their work. They would prefer recording everything on their mobile phone and then transfer the audio files for transcription. This is yet another sector where you, as a beginner, can launch as a transcriptionist without any problem. 

Publishing houses

If you could get projects from publishing houses as a beginner, you are certainly going to be the competition that exists legitimate freelance transcription jobs. Publishing house is one of the giant sectors that come up with several opportunities, especially for transcribing job. They get audio files of various kinds, and you would also get a choice to pick the easy assignment as a beginner and deliver then on time. 


When counsellors are talking to the patients, they would never want to distract them by writing things down. They would prefer recording all of their conversations either on a handheld device or any of the audio equipment. All these files required transcription, and this is where, as a beginner, you can pitch in to get an opportunity. 

Story writers

The film industry is yet another important space that a beginner transcription is must certainly take a look into. There are numerous stories that get created a day in and day out in the film industry and a majority of story and scriptwriters do not write anything down as it used to happen in the olden days. The recorded files can again be transferred to a transcriptionist, and you can convert them into text and submit it to the team for further processing.


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As a beginner transcriptionist, you could also establish connections with YouTubers who would be able to help you with some assignments. In today’s world, video making is one of the most trending concepts. 

When a video is uploaded, it reaches a lot of views only when transcription of the video is available in the description section. People with hearing problems can always look through these transcriptions and understand the thing that is happening on the video.

These are the time job opportunities that open up for every beginner transcriptionist when they start a career as a freelancer.

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