Vaping For Aging Smokers- Helping Seniors To Quit Smoking

Updated on December 16, 2020

Smoking isn’t great for health as it leads to a host of diseases, some of which are life-threatening. It wreaks havoc on your lungs, slows down your brain, and compromises your immune system in the long run. These risks run a tad higher in seniors because your body is already bearing the brunt of aging, and it cannot counter the effects with the same strength as someone younger. 

But quitting is perhaps the bigger challenge for older adults as compared to their younger counterparts because your body is probably used to it after years of smoking. If you are dealing with the struggles of quitting, doing away with it completely may be really tough. But a transition to vaping sounds like a good option. Here are some insights that can help if you are considering the switch. 

Vaping is better than combustion 

Smoking involves the burning of tobacco to produce smoke, which ends up irritating your lungs. Vaping, on the other hand, involves heating of cannabis only to a temperature that causes the compounds to boil and convert into vapor. The vapor produced by dry herb vaporizers is ten times cooler than cigarette smoke. Additionally, it is far cleaner and less toxic, which makes it safer for aging lungs. It is odor-free, and you can use it discreetly, without getting unwanted attention. Another benefit of the process for the elderly is that it preserves the beneficial cannabinoids, so even a little goes a long way. 

Cannabis benefits come as a bonus

When you choose to vape rather than smoke, you get the benefits of cannabis as a bonus. Research shows that cannabis offers several medicinal benefits, such as relief from chronic pain, anxiety alleviation, better sleep, and improved digestive health. All these health issues are common in the elderly, which makes vaping a good option to live healthier. The transition gives you dual benefits, while you get rid of the banes of smoking, you also experience better health with vaping cannabis. You can consider it as a medicinal aid rather than only a recreational substance. 

Transition is easy for seniors 

Another reason why vaping is a good option for aging adults who want to quit smoking is that the transition is effortless. You can expect a comparable experience with vaping, so ditching the cigarette gets easier. When it comes to the technique, the learning curve is simple, and there isn’t much you need to do to master your skills. There are several options in devices as well. You can explore to find one that is easy to operate and handle and fits within your budget as well. The herb is also easily available at dispensaries and online stores, so you can quickly procure the essentials and get started. 

Switching to green buds is surely a safe and economical way to steer clear of cigarettes and move to a healthier way of life. Now that you have plenty of motivation and a healthier alternative at hand, you can try quitting sooner rather than later, and there are good chances that you will be able to do it successfully. 

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