Use Nugenix to Boost Your Testosterone

Updated on May 19, 2021

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The health supplements world is full of promises and miracle cures. There are, however, many products in this area that do serve a purpose and are beneficial to health. These are usually products that have been carefully considered in terms of ingredients and usually contain only natural substances as the active element.

In this article, we will be talking about Testosterone and one particular testosterone booster that we believe is worth considering. Why would a man have low levels of Testosterone, and what does that mean for his general health? These are questions we will set out to answer, so let’s have a quick look at what Testosterone is. 

What is Testosterone? 

Testosterone is a hormone produced in the male body (and in the female body but in far smaller quantities). It is known as the male hormone as it is responsible for enhancing the blood flow and the production of sperm and also for muscle tone and the libido – or sex drive. 

As with many natural substances that occur, Testosterone is one that is affected by age. As we grow older, most men will experience a reduction in Testosterone, and the results are varied. We’ll talk more about the effects of low Testosterone in the next section. 

The major complaint is a loss of sex drive, but this is not the only reason men take Testosterone boosters. If you look at this comparison of TestoGen and Nugenix, which are two of the leading brands available today, you’ll take away some useful information covered in more detail than we have the available space for. So, what are the problems associated with low testosterone levels? zEtIjHRJmakT9lNggwfW iCexuaXPtYQZWczPTQR 0O2fK9XuyxqXkKeKqrqWbI8eQFn jRaRNs0DJAQTiQG9n nzlYqHsfQhks3lANl85JDvqTaxeK dEzvNkq1vkJDGH7Dr4XSlppMPHelHA

What Do Low Testosterone Levels Cause? 

There are definite links between the levels of Testosterone and health in men, but apart from a low sex drive, what are the effects of insufficient testosterone levels? Here are some of the most common problems associated with Testosterone reduction:

  • Loss of sex drive
  • Low sperm production
  • General fatigue and tiredness
  • Weight gain
  • Depression
  • Low energy levels
  • Low bone density

There are more that we could add, but the above list gives you the most commonly seen effects of low testosterone levels in the male body. As Testosterone is known to affect the development of bones, muscle mass, and production of red blood cells, it can have some serious effects on a man’s general health, wellbeing, and how he feels. 

This is why many men take a testosterone booster. It’s also why athletes and men who like to work out are keen to keep their Testosterone levels at the required rates, as they need strong bones, powerful muscles, and a good general mental outlook. 

While the testosterone levels will fade with age, there are also other factors that can result in a low production rate. Injury to the testicles is one, while treatment such as radiation and chemotherapy for cancer are others. Illnesses such as cirrhosis of the liver and kidney disease can also cause a reduction, like AIDS and some other conditions.

So, what is in a testosterone booster that helps revive production and get a man back to healthy levels? Specifically, what is in Nugenix that makes it so popular?

What is in Nugenix? 

Nugenix is one of many supplements intended to restore and boost testosterone production, so what is in it that helps it do so? Let’s have a look at some of the active ingredients of Nugenix:

  • Zinc and Selenium are natural products found in the body that provide energy and also enhance the sex drive. You will find these in just about every testosterone booster that is on the market.
  • Vitamin D is known to boost the libido and also provide energy and is another ingredient found in these supplements.
  • Nettle root extract is used in Eastern medicine and has been for many centuries. It is known to enhance the production of free Testosterone – that is, Testosterone that can actively be used.
  • Mucuna Pruriens is a plant extract with believed aphrodisiac properties.
  • Maca root enhances cognitive behavior and is important in boosting the libido.
  • Boron, D-Aspartic Acid, and Fenugreek are all-natural elements that are known to be anti-inflammatories.

The above are the main active ingredients in Nugenix, so what do they say about its effectiveness?
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As Nugenix uses many of the standard ingredients we would expect to find in a testosterone booster; there is no surprise that this product is reported to do the job it claims to do. The addition of the further ingredients as described above is also interesting and makes a great claim for a product that has anti-inflammatory and Testosterone boosting properties. The question that now remains is this: should you be taking Nugenix?


The first thing we will say is that as this is an entirely natural product, there will be no dangers to taking it. However, we do advise you to see a doctor before you begin as there may be conditions you suffer from that will be aggravated by some of the ingredients. It is always important to ensure you are using supplements correctly and as the manufacturer’s instructions suggest, and the benefit of having a doctor check you over beforehand can’t be stressed too highly.

Is Nugenix the testosterone supplement for you, or are there others that you should consider? Judging from user testimonies, it would appear that Nugenix is a good product that achieves its aims. It has been scientifically crafted to include the ingredients that are always found in testosterone boosters, alongside some others that are in the mix by way of careful research and consideration.

Low testosterone levels can be a problem, and not just in older men. If you are finding that you have no energy or desire for your sex life or for just your day-to-day actions, it could be that low Testosterone is the problem. Talk to a doctor and try Nugenix, and it could be the result you are looking for.


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