Understanding What to Do With Cremation Ashes

Updated on January 6, 2020


When someone you love dies it can be a heartbreaking time. Even though they have decided to be cremated it doesn’t mean they can’t live on.

If you are unsure of what to do with cremation ashes we are here to help. From ideas to keep your loved one close to scattering their ashes around the world, check out our top ways to deal with cremation ashes below.  

1. Put Them In An Urn

After your loved one is cremated you have the option of placing them in cremation urns. These urns can be anything from a simple wooden box to an elegant vase.

Urns are one of the most popular things to do with cremation remains because you will have to purchase an urn to have the ashes placed in. After receiving the urn you can place it in your home on a mantel or in a display case. 

2. Swirl The Ashes in Glass

If placing your loved one on display isn’t something you’d like to do then why not look into getting some ashes swirled into the glass. There are multiple glass blowing companies that will give you an out of the box idea on what to do with ashes.

A small amount (usually less than a teaspoon) can be swirled into a paperweight or small globe. You can even have glass figurines made with the swirled ashes. 

3. Scatter Them

Spreading cremation ashes is one of the most popular things to do. Before the death of your loved one, they may have told you their favorite place or even if a pet has passed you can scatter them around their favorite outdoor venue.

Usually, ashes can be scattered anywhere on land or in water. Before scattering ashes, you should check with the guidelines and laws of the place you would like to put them to make sure it’s allowed. 

4. Have The Ashes Preserved In Jewelry

When a loved one dies it’s usually one of the hardest things to deal with in life. Even if they aren’t physically here, you can have their ashes made into a piece of jewelry so they can continue to walk through life by your side.

Ashes can be made into glass pendants or placed within a small vile or trinket. You can place these charms on necklaces, bracelets, and even find businesses that will create rings out of remains. 

5. Have Them Grow

Having ashes placed into an urn that is biodegradable and has seeds mixed within is rising in popularity. The idea is that your loved one will go into the earth and something beautiful will come of the tragic time. You can look into having an urn intertwined with trees or even flowers. 

6. Help Save The Oceans

If having your loved one grow into a tree isn’t something you’re too keen on, why not have their ashes help save the world? This can be done by donating the ashes to an underwater memorial that is slowly creating an artificial reef. With so many reefs dying this option will help ocean life to thrive. 

7. Bury The Remains

Some may have no idea what to do with ashes other than knowing that cremation was what their loved one wanted. If you don’t want to scatter or have anything made of the ashes, you can opt for burial.

Because your loved one is cremated it doesn’t mean they can’t be buried next to their loved ones in a cemetery. After selecting a plot the urn can be buried and a headstone can be placed. 

8. Scatter Them With A Bang

If your loved one was a firecracker then try having their ashes scattered with a bang. There are a select few fireworks companies that will incorporate your loved one’s ashes into a firework. Once the firework is detonated it will scatter the ashes by using the wind. 

9. Create A Precious Stone

We all know diamonds are created by applying a lot of pressure, but did you know that you can have a diamond created from cremation ashes? Creating a unique diamond is done by applying a lot of pressure to the ashes, leaving you with a one of a kind piece. After creating the diamond you can have it set in a ring or made into a necklace. 

10. Put Them On Your Body

If you’re an avid tattoo lover and can’t think of any other way to pay tribute to your loved one, ask your artist if they can mix some ashes with the ink. Some tattoo artists specialize in mixing ashes with ink so you can have a piece of that person wherever you go. 

11. Have The Remains Live On Through Music

If your loved one was a music lover then one of the best ways to use their ashes is to have them pressed into a vinyl record. You can select your loved one’s favorite album or even use their own music to have a record pressed with their ashes mixed into the plastic. 

Now You Know What To Do With Cremation Ashes

When someone you loved is cremated it’s hard to think about the next step. That’s why we have given you some ideas on what to do with cremation ashes to help make your grieving easier. By turning them into a precious stone or having the ashes placed in your home, there is an option to have your loved one live on forever.

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