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RingStix LiteRingStix Lite 

Holidays are the time for gift giving and why not give your child a toy that has won 9 different toy and game awards?  RingStix Lite is a totally new kind of outdoor game that gets kids wanting to go outside and play.  RingStix engages your child to play outside, something that today’s children don’t do as often as their parents used to.  It can be played with 1 or as many participants and the ages of 6+!   The company created the game as a fun new way to get outside and encourage children to get active and off the couch. For more information, visit


Little Passports

Need a gift for the child who has it all? Look no further than Little Passports, an educational subscription box that provides families with a unique way to learn about culture and history from all 50 states and across the world. How Little Passports works: each month kids receive a package filled with items from that month’s country or states from characters Sam and Sofia who travel the world on their magic scooter.

Little Passports – World Edition

Description: In the World edition, characters Sam and Sofia visit one country a month and send kids a letter talking about their journey, a souvenir and hands on activities that help the child learn all about that country. The starter kit also comes with a “passport” and each month kids get stickers to showcase every country visited.

MSRP: Monthly Subscription of $10.95/month. 3-, 6-, and 12-month plans available.

Release date: 2009

Ages: 5-10 years old

Little Passports – USA Edition

Description: In the USA Edition Sam and Sofia visit two states a month, and send kids an activity booklet with 32 hand-on activities and recipes based on the states visited.  The program is all about making learning about geography and history memorable.

MSRP: Monthly Subscription of $10.95/month. 3-, 6-, and 12-month plans available.

Release date: 2012

Ages: 7-12 years old


dreidelsGezunta Goodies Personalized Dreidel Bags

Gezunta Goodies Personalized Dreidel Bags are a unique, affordable gift that is sure to inspire children’s curiosity and excitement about the Holidays. Don’t let Hannukah surprise you this year when it begins on Thanksgiving! In fact it’s so early this year, how will you possibly have time to think of gifts for all of your friends? Well now you don’t have to worry about that. Personalized Dreidel Bags are the perfect gift for the person that has everything.

Gift cards, Hanukkah gelt & tchotchkes…how to wrap them? A personalized dreidel bag. Measuring 9” x 8.5” the felt dreidel bags, priced at $18.95, offered in various colors, are large enough to hang on your mantle and fill with your favorite items. In addition, each order is personally hand-crafted and with our quick response time for special requests and inquiries, the customer service is great!

Available at


Move Like An Animal CD

Birdie’s Playhouse’s new CD Move Like An Animal just won a Parents’ Choice Silver award and CD of the Year from Creative Child Magazine awards.  Kids can’t resist moving to the tropical Latin beats and parents love that children are learning about wild animals, and ways to navigate life’s challenges.  “Unleash your child’s wild energy in a fun, constructive way,” says writer/producer Birdie Mendoza, who was the only Latina Ray Charles backup singer in history.  “This CD provides wildlife education and a family workout for under $15!”  You can hear and read about it (and the Spanish-language version) at

Retail price $13.99


Aquarelle: Dolphins

Aquarelle is Ravensburger’s new watercolor painting set series. It is available in three sizes – mini, midi and maxi – with attractive, ready-to-use kits that include everything young artists need to complete their projects.  Contents include special watercolor paint canvases with unique paint-resistant outlines; liquid paints in easy-squeeze bottles; useful tools such as water pipette, color-mixing palette; and detailed instructions.  Dolphins is a mid-sized version (8” x 10.5” x 1.75”) with three different canvases and five watercolors in each kit that enables artists to express their artistic talent any way they wish. Other mid-sized kit themes include: Horses, Elves and Exotic Birds. Ages 8+, SRP: $19.99


Tickety Toc Wood (MEGA Puzzles) – Join Tommy, Tallulah and the gang on their next great adventure! This fun, 25-piece puzzle features real wood pieces, and includes a fun “try-me” wood piece on the package, presented on the sturdy rope handle to the convenient carry box. Ages 3+, SRP $6.99 each

Tickety Toc Floor Puzzle (MEGA Puzzles) – Join the gang in a timeless adventure! The floor puzzle is child-sized with 40 extra-large pieces that make puzzling fun, even for the littlest hands. The completed puzzle measures 36” x 24”. Ages 3+, SRP $9.99

Tickety Toc Toys from Just Play – These toys just debuted at Toys’R’Us/ Here’s a link to the Tickety Toc website:



TinCup1Tin Cup Golf Ball Marking Stencil

  • Allows a golfer to create a personalized ball mark by tracing the logo or design of their choice with a fine-point Sharpie pen
  • USGA rule 12-2 requires a player to be able to clearly identify his/her ball
  • Patented, 100% Made-in-the-USA stainless steel cup construction with lifetime guarantee
  • Choose from any of the more than 135 existing designs or customize your own mark
  • Best-selling models include 5 O’Clock Somewhere (Martini Glass), Jolly Roger (skull and cross bones), Luck of the Irish (shamrock) and Stars & Stripes (American flag)

MSRP: $19.95


Back Up!

This new card game might be a bit off the beaten path and a fun addition. The object in Back Up! is to get rid of your back pain, by collecting HEALTH cards and getting rid of PAIN cards.  A humorous diversion for anyone experiencing back issues—65 million Americans suffer from some sort of back pain.

Each card is related to back issues and illustrated with clever art.  Some example cards:

  • The PAIN card “Pick up a box that you thought was linens but turns out to be books,” increases your pain level by 3 points.
  • The HEALTH card “Walk instead of taking the car”, decreases your pain level by 2 points.
  • The ACTION card “Prescription runs out” allows you to steal a card from another player.

While the game is non-therapeutic, players have reported feeling better after playing. For a brief overview see

The game will be for sale for $11.99 on the company’s website:

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