Top Summer Car Care and Safety Tips

Updated on June 23, 2021
Top Summer Car Care and Safety Tips

The blistering heat of summer is a welcome relief from the frozen winter, but it brings its own set of automobile-related problems. Manufacturers create cars to endure all seasons. However, owners must make extra efforts to protect their vehicles from extreme heat. Whether you go out frequently or your vehicle sits in a parking lot most of the year, here are the top summer car care and safety tips you should know.

Check Your Air Conditioning System

Your air conditioning system must be operational during the summer. Otherwise, you’ll suffer under the sweltering sun. The last thing you want is to spend hours in traffic during peak heat without AC—a cracked window can only do so much. Look for ways to install an AC system and remember to replace your air filter. Any mold, dirt, or debris in your filter will heat up and rot in the warmth.

Change Your Driving Habits

How you drive your car is just as important as how you care for it. You must work hard to change your driving habits during the summer to protect your engine. You can quickly overheat an engine block and experience a stalling engine. Help your transmission beat the heat by altering how you drive.

Use a Dashboard Sunshade

If you park your car outside during the day at work or home, you need a dashboard sunshade. The sun will penetrate your windshield and side windows, and your car will heat up quickly—especially if you have a dark interior. A sunshade is a simple but effective car care tactic that keeps the interior temperature cooler. This will keep your car cool when you enter and protect the technology inside.

Knowing these top summer car care and safety tips will help you make the most of the summer while preserving your vehicle’s condition.

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