Top Reasons Why You Need To Consider a Cataract Surgery

Updated on July 14, 2023
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Cataracts can be developed at any age, but in the past, people who are aging mostly developed this eye health condition. It is a leading cause of preventable blindness. The main reason why cataracts happen is due to the breakage of protein in the eyes, which clump in the lens.

But with technology and advanced procedures, it can be safe to get treatment for this eye health condition. Keep reading to find the reasons why you need cataract surgery.

Seeing Brown or Yellow Tint 

Having cataracts may make your experience like you are looking through dirty windows. Watching colors that are vibrant may look muddy.

Some people experience yellow or brown shade when looking at something white. This happens when the contract grows bigger in your eyes. Having cataracts can make it more challenging for you to identify the color or distinguish them. So, if you are experiencing this sign, it is eye-saving for you to get it treated by an experienced doctor.

Having Double Vision 

If you have contracts, there is a high probability that you will start to experience double vision. But only a few people experience double vision when having cataracts.

It is essential for you to get your eyes checked by professionals to identify any potential risk of double vision.

Many patients with cataract experience double vision in one eye, which makes it almost impossible to finish any task. This makes it necessary to get laser cataract surgery or to follow other safest procedures by the eye specialist.

Blurry Vision 

The purpose of eyes is to make you able to see things clearly. If you start seeing things less clearly, it can become a challenge to do anything. You could fall or face any injury. It can become difficult to keep your independence to perform any task.

If you are having blurry vision, you need to make a visit to the eye doctor without making any delay. Blurry vision can be a sign of cataracts or any other serious eye condition like glaucoma, which you can explore. By examining the eye, the eye specialist can identify the cause of blurry vision and help you to treat it through surgery or other procedure.

Light Sensitivity 

In a recent study, it has been found that one of the early symptoms of a cataract is experiencing light sensitivity. People who experience pain in the eyes and sensitivity should make an appointment with an eye specialist.

Visiting a doctor will help you to identify the cause. Till then, you should prevent driving at night as the glare of headlights can cause your eyes pain and lead to a road accident.

Hard Time with Up-Close Task

Usually, cataract development is a slow process. Typically it develops over a span of years and becomes a problem for you. 

There is another symptom of cataract development that you shouldn’t avoid is facing trouble with up-close tasks. If you like to read books or use a mobile before sleeping at night and face trouble with the focus of seeing things, you will be required to have cataract-removal surgery.


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