Top Amenities to Look Out for in a Laundromat in Denver

Updated on February 5, 2021

Denver, the capital city of Colorado, is also the most populous city in the US. The average family household size in Denver is 2.27, and the average family size is 3.14. A common household chore that is the most detested yet unavoidable for all Denver households is doing the laundry.

Nevertheless, the weekly chore of laundry keeps going. The average time a Denverite spends doing a single laundry load is almost an hour and a half, including washing, drying, and a few more minutes for folding and arranging them cleanly. However, doing your laundry need not be cumbersome. 

With a multitude of laundry services available in the Northern Metro of Denver from top Laundromats like, rest assured you can have a safe and pleasant experience doing your laundry. Here are some of the amenities to explore in a Laundromat in Denver for a smooth and hassle-free laundry experience:

Pickup and Delivery Service

Whether you are a student attending college in Denver, a millennial employee working hard in Denver’s top professional, scientific or industrial sectors, or a doting mother managing a family, you might not have time to do laundry on your own. To make your life easier, check if your local Laundromats offer pickup and delivery service with same-day or next-day delivery at your doorsteps. 

Top Laundromats in Denver offer flexible scheduling of pickups at your doorstep and assure safe delivery with clean clothes returned in neatly packed bags and formal attire like shirts draped in hangers.

This can free up your time to do things that need the most attention. Besides, you can also take some time out for yourself to indulge in Denver’s famous outdoor adventures.

Drop Off Laundry Services

If you want to run errands during your busy weekend at local grocery stores in Denver like Sprouts Farmers Market or Whole Foods Market, drop off your dirty laundry. The professional will bear the responsibility of running the laundry for you, and you can pick it on your way back home. If you can manage to fit in the drop-offs in your hectic schedule at a Laundromat near you, a fluff and fold facility is the best amenity to look for.

Self-Serve Laundry

Millennials make up the largest population group in Denver, with 17% of dwellers between 25 and 34 years old. If you belong to this population and choose to do your own laundry, ensure to find the right self-serve Laundromat with a vibrant community to meet and greet new people as you are doing the laundry. This way, you can beat the boredom blues and indulge in socializing. Here are some amenities to look out for in a self-serve laundry facility in Denver:

  • Coin or card laundry
  • Different sizes of washers and dryers that you can choose as per your load requirements
  • Abundant parking
  • Clean and hygienic premises
  • Friendly staff for any assistance
  • Eco-friendly laundry equipment
  • Free mobile apps to monitor load time and pay

Besides, also look out for add-on services like dry-cleaning so that you can avail of cleaning services under one roof and save time. 

While Denver enjoys a high livability score of 62 with a modern feel of a mid-western city, a local Laundromat with the above amenities can drive up your happiness quotient further to make the most of your living experience in the Mile High City.


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