Top 5 Weight Loss Workout Ideas for Seniors

Updated on June 25, 2021

Many older Americans suffer from what is commonly called “unintentional weight loss.” About 20% of those over the age of 65 lose weight without even trying, often at an unhealthy rate.

These people don’t have to worry about finding the right workouts for seniors to lose weight. Check for more information.

But there are also a lot of older Americans who could benefit from shedding a few pounds as they age. It could help to keep them healthier over time.

Check out the top five weight loss workout ideas for seniors below.

1. Walking

Of all the senior exercises listed here, this one is obviously the simplest. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t prove to be beneficial for those seniors who try it.

Walking won’t put a ton of strain on an older person’s joints and muscles. But it will help them burn calories, which could lead to weight loss.

That makes walking one of the best workouts for seniors to lose weight. When done outside, it also provides older people with a chance to get some fresh air and some sunlight, which are both great for them.

2. Swimming

Walking isn’t the only exercise for seniors that won’t put a huge strain on an older person’s joints and muscles. Swimming is another great activity for seniors who want to get a great workout in without experiencing any unnecessary pain.

Swimming is often referred to as the best total body workout that a person can get. And that goes for both young and old people alike.

3. Strength Training

Many people are forced to deal with sarcopenia as they age. It’s a condition that can cause a person to lose up to 5% of their total muscle mass each decade once they reach the age of about 30.

Strength training exercise for older adults is a fantastic way to keep muscle mass around while also losing weight at the same time. As long as seniors don’t overdo it in the gym, they can reap the rewards of weight training.

They just need to make sure they eat well-balanced meals and incorporate things like these herbs into their diets to make the most of their workout routines.

4. Resistance Bands

Not all seniors are cut out to spend long hours lifting weights in the gym. But most can work their way through resistance band workouts without a problem.

There are many seniors’ fitness classes that focus on using resistance bands to improve strength, flexibility, and more. These classes also usually have a cardio component to them that helps with weight loss.

5. Yoga

Speaking of flexibility, yoga is a terrific form of exercise for seniors who want to get more flexible than they are now. They’ll be surprised by how flexible they are after just a few yoga classes.

They’ll also be surprised by how much weight they’re able to lose by doing yoga. It burns more calories than people might think.

Try These Workouts for Seniors to Lose Weight

There are some seniors who aren’t concerned at all about losing weight during the later stages of their lives. In some instances, these people are trying to gain weight, not lose it.

But there are also lots of seniors out there who want to lose a few pounds for the sake of extending their lives. They should try these workouts for seniors to lose weight to see how well they work.

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