Top 5 Moving Tips for Seniors

Updated on March 17, 2020

Moving to a new home is always a fun new experience – in theory. However, in practice, it can seem somewhat daunting. No matter if you’re moving to a similar house or you’re significantly downscaling, you need to approach this process carefully.

Since moving can get quite intense, you need to make sure you plan everything out carefully and organize the entire move in advance. This will not only reduce the stress associated and caused by the move, but it will also enable you to rest assured that everything will go smoothly. That said, here are some of the best moving tips for seniors. 

Make a plan

The first thing you need to do is plan everything out. Since moving is not an event but rather a process, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve planned out every step. Depending on your moving date, decide when you’ll start packing. Also, determine how much of the moving process you want and can handle yourself. Since you’re no longer in your prime state, trying to move larger pieces of furniture can prove to be next to impossible. So, decide on all the logistic parts of the move ahead of time, and try to stick to your plan throughout as much as possible. 

Start packing earlier than you think

Next, when it comes to packing, you should start doing it earlier than you think. As a matter of fact, you can start packing the non-essentials as soon as you find your new home. These include all of the things you don’t really use in your day-to-day but you still wish to keep. When packing, try to go room by room and label the boxes clearly. This way, unpacking will be much easier no matter if you’re doing it yourself or you have friends and family helping you out.  

Get help

Moreover, as a senior, you should never try to tackle the entire move on your own. Instead, you should embrace all the help you can possibly get. Look for companies that offer stellar moving services, such as Titan Elite Moving & Packing, and let them handle this difficult task. Not only will things run much smoother this way but you’ll also avoid any hiccups trying to move yourself could bring. Finally, since moving companies do this for a living, you can ensure that everything will be done swiftly and professionally.

Reassess your belongings

When you move into your new home and start unpacking, it will be the perfect time to reassess your belongings. Since you’ll no longer be in rush, you’ll have enough time to see which things you want to keep and if there are any you don’t mind saying goodbye to. During our lives, we tend to hoard a lot of things we don’t actually have use for. If that’s the case for you as well, this will be the perfect opportunity to get rid of them. A new living space will offer a sort of a fresh start, so it shouldn’t be instantly overcrowded with old memories. If you’re downscaling, in particular, keeping all of your current belongings may even prove to be impossible. 

Share with others

In the end, all of the items you’ve decided to part way with don’t necessarily have to be thrown out. Instead, you can choose to organize a garage sale or pack them up and donate them to your local shelter or charity. This way, you’re offering your old belongings a chance for a new life, new home and new owners who’ll find a way to cherish, use and appreciate them.

Moving can be quite a stressful process, especially when you’re a senior. However, if you take things slowly, organize well and allow others to help you out, everything will go by far more seamlessly. 


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