Top 4 Ways to Pamper Your Dog

Updated on March 23, 2021
Top 4 Ways to Pamper Your Dog

You and your dog have been through a lot together—you’ve experienced incredible events and tragic moments, happy days and somber nights. Your dog may not have as long of a lifespan as you do, but with how much they’ve impacted you, it may feel like they’ve been with you all your life. Reward your dog with some serious pampering for their companionship. Spark some creative ideas with these top four ways to pamper your dog and treat them like the royalty they are.

Take Your Dog on Vacation

Your canine companion likely loves to see new sights and sniff out new smells. Shake up your next vacation by bringing your puppy along for the ride! Take them with you to a brand new environment, such as the beach or a nature preserve. Make sure they can handle a long car ride and give them plenty of opportunities to get out and stretch their legs.

Leave Your Dog at a Doggy Hotel

When you need to spend a few days away from home or you have a busy schedule, try leaving your dog at a trustworthy dog hotel or boarding service. Research everything about the boarder to make sure your puppy has a luxurious time at their retreat.

Be sure to look for the following features in your ideal dog hotel:

  • No cages
  • Plenty of socialization
  • Outdoor playtime
  • On-site grooming
  • Expert dog handlers
  • A selective registration process

You’ll want to do intensive research before signing your dog up for a stay at the boarding service. Visit their facilities before finalizing the deal to give them your final judgment.

Get Your Dog To a Groomer

You love a clean dog, and your dog loves being clean. Whether they enjoy bath time or not, your dog will benefit from a little quality time at a groomer. Pamper them with a trim and a clean coat. Reward them when you get home with treats and their favorite meal. Make the entire day all about them—this is a perfect present for a birthday.

Buy Some New Dog Toys

Wrapping up this list of the top four ways to pamper your dog is to simply buy your pup new toys. Buy toys for indoor play, like chew toys and squeaky toys, or purchase outdoor toys for exciting new ways to play and exercise in the yard. You can try out a new type of toy or stick to reliable favorites, but your dog will love you no matter what you choose. Their greatest reward is spending time with you!

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