Tips To Help Disabled Seniors Retain Some Independence

Updated on December 10, 2021

When caring for a loved one who’s aging or has disabilities, you may think that you’re keeping them safe, comfortable, and healthy by doing everything for them. Having their best interests at heart, you may think you should make all the decisions regarding their meals, finances, clothes, medication and health care, and living arrangements. However, an essential part of being a caregiver is encouraging your loved one to be as independent as possible. Listed below are tips for helping seniors with disabilities retain some independence.

Acquire helpful technological devices.


One way to empower seniors with disabilities is to provide them with resources that make helping themselves easier. Many voice-activated home devices can benefit individuals who struggle with daily activities and have low vision or mobility challenges. The right tools can enable seniors to know the time and date, get the weather, control the lights and home thermostat, make phone calls, play music, and control the TV.

Furthermore, if an older adult is physically able to use a smartphone or mobile device, consider teaching them how to do so. Learning how to operate mobile devices could help them feel more autonomous, especially since these tools can be handy for emergencies or conducting business. For instance, some organizations connect with their customers through mobile devices and apps. Companies equipped with Bright Pattern technology, for example, can use Bright Pattern’s call center mobile app to allow employees and representatives anywhere in the company to communicate with customers. This mobile app enables supervisors, sales team agents, call center agents, remote employees, and live agents in customer service departments to connect directly with customers via voice calls, live chat, SMS, video, and messenger apps. Businesses of all sizes can leverage this call center solution’s advanced features and capabilities to improve efficiency and avoid interruptions during incoming or outgoing customer calls. As a noted, leading provider of artificial intelligence-backed call center software, Bright Pattern empowers organizations to meet customers’ needs of all ages in an efficient, socially distant way. Such an innovative mobile application is so powerful yet simple, easy-to-use, and seamless that older individuals can remain connected to the right agent and communicate as they need to handle business independently.

Increase the home’s accessibility.


In addition to getting digital tools to boost an aging family member’s autonomy, it’ll be crucial to have adaptive equipment installed to help them function safely inside the home. For instance, entryways and exits with ramps and rails, grab bars for toilets and showers, widened hallways and walkways, and nonslip flooring throughout the home can contribute to how safely an individual can move about in the house and complete daily tasks.

An alternative to renovating the home and making it more accessible is moving an older adult into an independent or assisted living community. Family members seeking a safe, reputable senior living community may complete web searches for local programs. Keywords like “West Chester assisted living” can lead individuals to information on Westchester Village, a safe senior living community equipped with accessibility amenities conducive to high-quality long-term senior care. Professional, caring staff members in this community provide memory care and help seniors with personal care. At Westchester Village, seniors can participate in hobbies, games, and local events, interact with others, and receive short-term rehab or long-term care that improves their quality of life.

Encourage your aging loved one to make choices.


Ultimately, it’s essential to remember that older adults may feel like they have no control of their lives. Data shows that people live longer worldwide, and their bodies and abilities may change with age. While such changes are natural, they can be disempowering. Remind the seniors in your life that they have control by encouraging them to make decisions for themselves. Choosing what to eat, watch, or wear are daily choices that we can sometimes take for granted. These decisions may seem small individually, but together, they can add joy and meaning to our lives. Before taking action, ask your loved ones about their food, entertainment, and clothing preferences, and encourage them to act for themselves as they’re able.

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