Tips To Help Declutter an Empty Nest

Updated on September 8, 2020
Tips To Help Declutter an Empty Nest

Are the kids out of the house for good? Have they moved on from their childhood home to pursue the life of adulthood? Though that’s a bittersweet moment for a lot of parents, it also provides you with the opportunity to make your space a haven for you. You can finally make some progress on those home improvement and design projects you put off because of the kids. But before you can do that, you’ll need to go through and get rid of the things piling up. Here are some key tips to help declutter an empty nest. Check it out!

Make a Decluttering Schedule

If you want to make this home decluttering go as smoothly as possible, you’ll need to make a schedule. Planning out a set timeline for specific rooms and tasks will keep you on track when you inevitably get lost in the moment.

That said, try not to shove all of this into one weekend. You’ll get frustrated and may end up tossing some things out that you really want to keep. Instead, split it up. Plan short bursts of decluttering to ensure that you don’t get tired of the task.

Start With Easy Tasks

In addition, try to start with easy tasks. If you know that one room isn’t as cluttered with your children’s stuff as the others, start there. When you accomplish these smaller tasks first, you’ll get more motivation to accomplish the bigger projects.

Begin by splitting things up into four boxes—donate, keep, throw away, or store. This will give you a better idea of where to put what, making the decluttering process way more organized.

Try To Only Keep Useful or Loved Items

When you’re going through and putting things into boxes, try your best to only keep useful or loved items. It’s really difficult to declutter if you hang on to everything. When you’re sorting things into donate, keep, and store piles, think about whether you really have use for it anymore. Whether it was old games you use to play as a family or an heirloom your mother passed down, decide which things are useful or loved—and if they’re not, then it’s time to say goodbye.

Get Rid of Old Kid’s Stuff

In that same mindset, get rid of the kids’ stuff. For example, if your kids played a lot of sports, and they left a lot of their old sporting equipment at home, get rid of it. Donate it or put it in storage, but don’t let it clutter your space. It’ll be quite beneficial and cathartic for you to get rid of these things—try it out!

Hopefully, these tips to help declutter an empty nest will help you get a fresh start for your new projects. Enjoy!