Tips for Handling the Stress of College Admissions

Updated on March 5, 2020

As a teenager, applying to colleges can be stressful, as it is one of the essential milestones that decide your future. Parents should be supportive during this phase.

The great thing is that you can get help from college admissions counseling consultants. These consultants are experts who work dedicatedly with every candidate and help them create an impressive application. 

Also, they offer guidance through the process so that you can be prepared well before the deadlines. Here are some efficient ways to handle the stress of college admissions. 

Initiate Preparation at the Earliest

The thought of college admission deadlines can be overwhelming. To avoid anxiety, initiate the admission work at the earliest. Check out various admission websites, interact with your seniors for guidance, and gather all possible information.

The admission counselors can help you to identify the best-fit colleges. You can request them to brainstorm ideas for essays. They also offer personal statement guidance from the beginning draft to the final copy. 

It is essential to start working on the pieces sooner so that you can complete them before your school commences. This way, you ease out the stress of balancing your classes with the application procedure. 

The next primary concern for any student is the letters of recommendation. Get in touch with your teachers and mentors in advance. Then they will have sufficient time to come up with a genuine referral.

Do Not Hesitate to Seek Assistance

It is advisable to seek timely help from credible resources and experienced adults, in case you don’t feel confident. You can discuss with a counselor some specific concerns in the process. 

For instance, a reputed counselor will guide you in formulating an exceptional personal statement and help you ace interviews. Some have expertise in Direct Medical Programs (BS/MD) and Ivy League admissions. They offer guidance and edits for secondaries as well. 

Reuse Collected Material

Fortunately, you can send your statement to all the universities accepting the Common App, thus saving your time in preparing the content repeatedly. However, some might demand you to write supplemental essays. 

You can hire a counselor to help you with these essays and secondaries. Otherwise, it is wise to reuse the content and all other information gathered along the process, where ever possible.

Have a Systematic Approach

While applying for various colleges, you need to keep track of a lot of information about each college. You can partner with an experienced college admissions counseling consultant to organize all the necessary information. 

The counselor will systematically list down the various deadlines, colleges demanding test scores, recommendation letters, and even supplemental essays. 

Making a checklist of all action items can suffice you to determine the pending formalities.

Stay Positive

There is a college for everyone. If you have an organized approach to the admission process and write authentic essays, then more than half of your job is done. Further, identifying your desired list of colleges will surely get you into the best-fit college.

Applying for the right college can be stressful. Plan all the action items meticulously and consult an efficient college counselor, to find a place in a college of your choice.

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