Tips for Going Green During Retirement

Updated on April 29, 2021
Tips for Going Green During Retirement

For many older adults, retirement is an opportunity to follow the dreams and passions they tamped down during their working years. For some of them, one of those passions is environmentalism and a desire to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Fortunately, there are many minor adjustments older adults can make that have a considerable impact. Here are five tips for going green during retirement.

Plant a Garden

One of the best things seniors can do if they have the available space is to plant their own garden. Whether growing plants, fruits, or vegetables, a backyard garden is very rewarding, especially when the harvest of fresh flowers or food comes in. A garden also gives seniors the opportunity to compost, reducing the amount of waste they create for landfills. Instead, they can generate usable soil.

Easy Home Adjustments

You can make several adjustments around your home to help conserve resources, whether it’s water, electricity, or some other limited asset. Replacing incandescent bulbs, unplugging items when not using them, and using water-efficient faucet and showerheads are all small changes that add up to significant savings on your bills while also being good for the planet. Simply separating your recycling from your trash can help make the world a better place.

Sustainable Products

Living a more sustainable lifestyle isn’t just important to millennials anymore. Another of our tips for going green during retirement is to use reusable products and items made from recycled material. Using things like metal water bottles instead of bottled water or using dishcloths rather than paper towels will save you money and the environment. For the products you buy at the store, check the label to ensure you can recycle them before going to the cash register.

Change Travel Habits

Changing the ways seniors use to get from one place to another can also positively impact the environment. Activities such as walking or biking instead of driving help reduce your carbon footprint and encourage you to stay fit. Mass transit is also a viable option in many places, with many cities offering discounted fares for seniors, therefore saving you money and helping Earth in the process.

Community Recycling Program

Many retirement communities and nursing homes don’t offer their residents the option of recycling. Seniors who are serious about going green can work to start a program within their community. Talk to the administrators and other residents to build interest and work to make it happen.

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