Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Compression Wear

Updated on July 19, 2021
Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Compression Wear

While in the past few years, more and more amateur athletes have begun to use compression wear, most of the population still does not know what it is or what it does. Indeed, unless you suffer from actual joint pain, its use might not make much sense overall. Members of the physical therapy and sports communities have flocked to compression wear due to the plethora of benefits it provides. Here are some of the best tips for getting the most out of your compression wear.

Recover Faster

Compression wear works by squeezing the muscle and putting pressure on all areas of the muscle evenly. This, in turn, causes elevated blood flow to the compressed area. The healing elements of compression wear come from this circulation, which removes toxins from the compressed muscles. This decreases the average recovery times. Many have said that they feel a lot better after a workout if they use compression and ice; even more say they experience a decrease in soreness afterward. When you wear your compression sleeve, ensure that it squeezes the areas most used in your workout. This will help you have less soreness and healthier muscles by the time you finish.

Manage Pain Better

Joint pain can often bring a strenuous workout to a grinding halt. Whether it be in the knee, elbow, shoulder, or any other high movement area, dealing with this pain is almost unbearable after a while. This is where compression wear comes in. Because a compression sleeve or band brings blood to the area, placing these on your knees brings soothing relief almost instantly. It’s no wonder more and more athletes have been using these sleeves in recent years. To properly relieve joint pain, ensure that you put on your sleeve before you start your workout. Having extra blood circulating to the area that hurts the most before you begin any strenuous activity can stave off the pain for far longer than you might think.

Types of Compression Gear

To get the absolute most out of your compression gear, you must select the appropriate type of sleeve for you. There are many types of compression gear, ranging from simple sleeves that help with knee joint pain to full top compression bras that prevent lymphedema. It is important that you verify with a doctor or physical therapist the exact type of gear you need and the size you should buy. As for cost, there is no need to break the bank, but keep in mind that this is a pain-relieving medical device. The higher its quality, the longer it will last.

We hope that these tips for getting the most out of your compression wear have convinced you that compression is a great practice to implement. If you have never used compression gear before, try it out! There is no need to keep yourself from this excellent technique proven to make you stronger and healthier. For an active person, compression has many everyday applications as well.

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