Tips for Buying Refurbished Medical Equipment

Updated on October 18, 2022
Tips for Buying Refurbished Medical Equipment

Medical equipment is expensive. This is an unfortunate fact across the medical industry, regardless of what medical equipment you’re looking for. To combat that expense, many companies and manufacturers are now offering buyback programs for medical equipment. This allows you to purchase gently used, refurbished medical equipment at a lower cost. The equipment should function like new and will save you a lot of money. Keep reading to learn some tips for buying refurbished medical equipment.

Ask Questions

The best way to make sure you’re buying safely refurbished medical equipment is by asking questions. You should ask how old the equipment is, how long the previous owner had it, what the refurbishment process is like, who performs the refurbishment, and what testing is involved. If the equipment is extremely old, the previous owner returned it quickly, or the refurbishment isn’t handled by licensed professionals, then you may not want to purchase that equipment or use that program.

Know Your Budget

The reason you’re buying used equipment is to save money. If the program selling the refurbished equipment wants the same amount of money for their equipment as a manufacturer would want for new equipment, then this isn’t the right option for your budget. Write down a solid budget beforehand so you don’t get lost in any confusing math a disreputable seller might throw at you. Be wary if they start offering extreme discounts or try to pressure you into a purchase. You should always feel in control of your decision.

Research the Company

There are many benefits of using a medical equipment buyback program, but if you don’t trust the company you’re buying from, you won’t feel comfortable enjoying these benefits. Don’t purchase your equipment from the first company you find, whether you think they’re trustworthy or not. Take the time to research that company and others so you can learn industry standards and know what to expect while making the purchase and afterward. Try to talk to real people who have already bought equipment through this program so you can get honest answers to your questions.

Our tips for buying refurbished medical equipment are to ask questions about the equipment, know your budget beforehand, and research the company you want to purchase from. Buyback programs and programs selling used equipment can save you lots of money, but you want to make sure you’re buying good equipment from people you can trust.

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