Time For a Reality Check

Updated on August 4, 2022

By Jill Chapin

OK everyone, the jig is up regarding the media’s unrelenting Orwellian doublespeak about the efficacy of the covid vaccine.  What I am about to share never occurred to me when thinking of the reasons why people opted out of getting this shot.  I know some had pre-existing conditions that precluded them from offering their arm. Some were wary of the short- and long-term effects of mRNA.  Some wanted to wait and see what played out a few years after its rollout.  But I don’t think anyone saw coming what I’m about to share.

This is not my opinion.  These are statistics from Scotland, Israel, Britain and Denmark, some of the world’s most highly vaccinated countries with 90% adult covid vaccination rates and 60% adult boosters.  Even more unnerving, these statistics are similar to the United States as well.  If you choose not to believe the following, keep in mind what writer Philip Dick said: Reality is that, which, if you don’t believe it, does not go away.

What all of their data show is that, within the past year, 75-85% of reported covid hospitalizations and deaths occurred among the vaccinated. This clearly and decisively puts to rest the lie that this is “a pandemic of the unvaccinated.” 

Nevertheless, nothing so far has stopped the baseless mantra that if you are vaccinated and get covid, it will likely be just a mild case.  The FDA and the CDC stopped reporting conflicting data this spring that refutes this after the real trend became obvious and troubling to explain.  Likewise, in another country, British Columbia’s BC Centre for Disease Control will stop sharing these numbers for the same reasons. 

Why is this important for everyone to be aware of these numbers?  The most pressing reason would be for us to recalibrate our risk of being among those who are vaccinated.  Too many people feel safe among the fully boosted and nervous among the unvaccinated. And why not, when we aren’t given these upside-down statistics which it would be helpful to know about?  The boosters give short-term protection against covid, at the expense of weakening one’s immune system.  Vaccinated people can later become more susceptible to infection and also become contagious, transmitting it to others.

Vaccine advocates will argue that, of course, there will be more covid casualties among the vaccinated because more people are vaccinated.  If your head is spinning from this logic, then there is hope for you, because a real vaccine doesn’t work this way.  As the number of people vaccinated against polio increased, polio cases plummeted.  There were virtually no breakthrough cases and as more people got the shots, fewer numbers of polio cases were reported, not more.  

A growing number of people are finding it increasingly difficult to marry the vast numbers of covid breakthroughs among the vaccinated with the talking heads who continue to double down on their illogical insistence to still get the shots. When someone fully vaccinated and boosted, along with her entire vaccinated family contracted covid, she began to think that those opting out of getting the shots did the right thing after all.   Will more adjust their opinions as more boosters are offered this fall?

It’s difficult to untangle all that we have been spoon-fed. We pretty much relinquished our curiosity in questioning authority because the virus was new and scary and unknown, and was further exacerbated by late-night hosts and op-ed writers denigrating those who weren’t in lockstep with Dr. Anthony Fauci, et al.

There’s an old saying that people lose their minds collectively but only regain them individually.  Hopefully, we are slowly reclaiming our right to know the truth, one person at a time.

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