Things to keep in mind while buying a CBD product online

Updated on October 22, 2021

Recently the market for CBD (Cannabinoids) has increased! In 2019, the global market is estimated to grow at a faster pace. As this market shows a promising rise, more and more companies are willing to get counted by showcasing their products.

Even a decade back, it was challenging for customers to get all that they wanted online from various brands. Today, everything is available with just a click of the mouse. From e-liquids and beverages and more, you can have it all online. However, more is not always a better option. Here more comes with specific challenges, for the brands and products that are brand new entries. And here the problem is that there are two or more brands for CBD. Similar to other industries, even when it comes to Cannabinoids, there are low and high-quality products and also others that comes between these two extremes. The major problem that exists in the Cannabinoids sector is that not many people are aware of selecting good products from the bad ones.

Hence, the users usually trust the CBD brands online based on the ones that are trending and also about the ingredients that are stated online. For instance, there will be CBD products that will have the “made from plant-derived extract only” label in most of the product descriptions. However, to decipher whether or not, that is the right product, is the challenge.

There are tons of different terpenes and cannabinoids contained in CBD products that all stimulate the endocannabinoid system certain ways. This is why it is important to understand what you are getting and what the exact makeup is of the formula you are using.

It is never smart to waste money by purchasing low-quality products and missing out on the excellent set of benefits. And that might negatively affect your health. So before this leads to excess issues that go beyond your control, you need to consider a few critical factors when you are purchasing your CBD oil or any other CBD products online

Can you buy your CBD product online without any doubt?

The answer here is straightforward! You need to be aware of the CBD product selling online by conducting adequate research. Since the market is becoming increasingly saturated, and it has become essential that users today search for the best CBD product. Therefore, you need to know some of the essential facts before the purchase. And it comprises of everything from having a clear understanding of the lab reports to the product quality online. Make it a point to ponder on the following questions and refer to Cannabis Radar’s buying guide before you make a buying decision. 

1. Did the product get reviewed by a reputed third-party laboratory?

It is essential that you check whether the product has passed through the inspection of a third-party laboratory. If the review gets conducted, then the reports need to get available on the company site. And just in case there is no such report, it could also indicate multiple things.

It could be that the laboratory report has conveyed that the CBD product didn’t have the required concentration of Cannabinoids. Else, that the product has life-threatening elements! Or simply that the company didn’t remember to add the reports to its corporate website. 

When you don’t have the report, it is very challenging to say whether the product as apt for customer use or not. Hence, make it a point to ask for an official Certificate of Analysis before buying any Cannabinoids product.
You also need to know that a cbd manufacturer might only offer the lab reports when whey you have bought the CBD oil and have placed a formal request for the report. Hence, there’s always a chance to personally get in touch with a company and ask for the report. And if the company doesn’t share the report or respond positively, you need to be slightly sceptical of the entire transaction.

2. Things you need to check in a lab report

Fortunately, if you could source the laboratory reports, you need to confirm a few important things, and they are as follows:

  • Does a reputed laboratory conduct the analysis?

You need to get this check done! Today, you will come across companies that have corrupt practices with laboratories with a questionable reputation. And these labs don’t follow the necessary accuracy in their assessment processes, to provide official reports.

  • How to recognize the excellent lab?

The best labs implementing transparent practices have their accreditations from the ISO (International Organization for Standardization). When a lab highlights these accreditations, it ensures that the review has been taking place under an organized process, and there is a governing body to manage it all. It ensures that the lab has followed the essential guidelines.

You could also look into other accreditation programs, for instance, the ILAC and many others. However, it’s the ISO mark that usually sets a high-quality benchmark when it comes to providing CBD oil and other allied Cannabis products.

3. What was the time of the lab report approval?

At present, you don’t have access to any criteria or benchmark and guidelines, concerning the frequency of testing CBD oil and other products. It denotes that a company which possesses a CBD lab report that dates back three years, the question is whether it can claim to be “lab tested.”  To many people that is not an acceptable standard, can opt-in for this and having multiple reasons for that. 

To explain in simple words, it is the accountability of a company specializing in CBD oil and other allied products, to keep on testing and analysing their products. It is important to keep on generating ongoing tests to make sure that the findings are latest. And this will make sure whether your CBD product is safe or not. It is always best to accept a lab test report that dates back close to eight months. And just in case if the brand you are selecting is a reputed one and gas a global presence, you can use a product that was tested close to ten months back. 

Also, it is essential to read through the lab report team! You should make sure that there isn’t going to be any contaminants in the CBD oil and other edibles. The contaminants could be anything from anti-microbial properties, metal deposits as well as bacteria and mould growth. These are the few essential things that you need to know before you purchase a Cannabinoids product. 


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