Things To Consider When Planning a Funeral

Updated on May 20, 2021
Things To Consider When Planning a Funeral

Losing a friend or loved one is an incredibly difficult experience to go through. Funerals offer a way to gather other friends and family to support one other in mourning and celebrate the life of the deceased while recounting fond memories. Before that, however, you must put together everything necessary to hold a funeral, which can feel overwhelming between your grief and daily responsibilities. Allow us to shoulder some of that burden by teaching you what things to consider when planning a funeral.

Cremation vs. Burial

Provided that the deceased had not decided beforehand, you’ll have to decide whether they should be buried or cremated. Cremation continues to rise in popularity, as it is more practical and cost-efficient yet still allows you to honor the deceased and release the ashes whenever or however you would like.

If you choose to have a burial for your loved one, you should arrange for a rental hearse to transport the remains and secure a plot within your local graveyard. A funeral home, especially a family run funeral services company, can help you secure these aspects and offer services to help facilitate the service in a smooth and professional manner.

Choosing the Location

The next thing to consider when planning a funeral is where you’re going to hold the service. Picking a location that held meaning or represents the values of the deceased is an excellent way to honor their memory. It may also provide a better sense of closure for yourself and others if you know your loved one is ending their journey in a place that mattered to them or made them happy.

The location you choose should also have an ample amount of space for yourself and guests to step back and disengage from the group if necessary. Being emotional often makes people feel vulnerable, which can make them even more upset or uncomfortable. Offering an option where your guests can take a moment to recollect themselves is both courteous and comforting.

Photography Services

While it is certainly not a requirement, many families choose to hire photographers to commemorate the event and allow the guests and family to look back on the event fondly later in life. If you would like to hire professional photographers for your service, there are certain qualities you should look for. Hire a photographer who specializes in funeral photos, and you will rest easy knowing they courteous, professional, and know how to properly capture a funeral without being intrusive or upsetting the guests.

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