The Trendelenberg Dance*

Updated on February 27, 2022


Trendelenberg, trendelenbergI cannot tame my broken hip


Trendelenerg, trendelenbergI lurch, sway, pitch, and nearly  trip
I once could walk with great aplombBut now I am a pendulum


Trendelenberg, trendelenberg Whatever made me snag and slip
My usual gait has gone amuckI waddle round like a seasick duck

Trendelenberg, trendelenberg How can I get a stable grip
They sent me off to get PTThe therapists now walk like me

_______*Can be sung to the tune, “Oh Maryland, My Maryland”

Jerry Robbins is a graduate of Gettysburg College (Philosophy major), Yale University Divinity School, and Hartford Seminary Foundation (Ph.D.). He has had 3 books published (Carevision by Judson, The Essential Luther by Baker, and Provocables by C.S.S.), many articles, and over 100 book reviews.

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