The Top Things To Look For When Seeking Out A Trusted Retirement Community

Updated on March 30, 2020

Choosing a trusted senior community is no small task. The right community will be comfortable, safe, affordable, appealing and welcoming, but finding a community that works for you can feel like an overwhelming task.

The good news is, choosing a retirement community does not have to be hard. By asking the right questions and looking at certain criteria, you can choose a community that is a perfect fit. 

1. Living Options

To see if a community is the right fit, you’ll need to check out the living options they provide. The most common living options are: 

  • Independent living for active and healthy seniors who want companionship during their golden years
  • Assisted living for medication management and help with daily activities

Many, like this senior community, offer a few different options. Choose a community that offers the living option that is the best fit for your needs.

2. Reputation And History

All senior living communities have a reputation and history that can give you insight into the quality of care provided. Request testimonials, ask how long the community has been operating, read online reviews and speak with the staff to get an idea if the community culture is a good fit. 

3. Rules And Guidelines 

Every retirement community has certain rules for its residents, but the top retirement communities understand that these guidelines need to be reasonable. Ask for a copy of all the rules the residents and their guests need to follow. If the rules feel overly restrictive, the community might not be a good fit. 

4. Access To Healthcare

Access to healthcare is essential for retirement communities because the residents are at higher risk for health problems. Does the community provide transportation to a hospital for visits? Is there medical staff on-site? 

The retirement community should also have a solid plan for emergencies.

5. Senior Activities 

Active senior living involves a variety of activities and plenty of opportunities for socialization. Many retirement communities offer activities to encourage their residents to socialize, including exercise classes, art classes, dances, movie nights, karaoke, etc.  

Some communities offer field trips and other outings to give their residents a change of scenery.  

6. Staff Turnover

Staff turnover can tell you a lot about a company. If the staff turnover is high, chances are, the employees are overworked, unpaid and working in bad conditions. If the staff isn’t happy, there is a chance the residents are not happy either. 

Ask employees how long they have been working in the community. If you are finding many have been working there less than a year or two, you might need to move on to the next option. 

7. Costs

While the cost should not be the determining factor, it is an important part of your decision when choosing a retirement community. Instead of just finding out the cost, it’s better to have a full picture of everything included in the cost so you can do a side-by-side comparison with your shortlist of options. 

Finding A Trusted Senior Community: The Bottom Line

Paying attention to these areas will help you find the trusted senior community that is ideal for you or your loved one. 

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