The Top Qualities Of The Best CCRCs

Updated on February 12, 2021

Continuing Care Retirement Communities, or CCRCs, enable many older folks to enrich their twilight years to the full. They do everything they can to make sure that those in their care feel supported at every turn. 

CNBC site an interesting statistic in an online article they published, in that 64% of retirees said that they were likely to move home once again during their retirement years. Clearly, there are many people who are satisfied, or who at least get itchy feet with their current arrangements. The best CCRCs, however, will drastically put a dent in those statistics from their side. No one in their right mind would ever leave such places. 

Therefore, here are the top qualities of the best CCRCs. 

Non-profit Objectives 

If you are going into a retirement home, then it is important that your best interests are looked out for. Some are non-profits, others are more prestigious and/or luxurious and do make some money in what they do. 

The best CCRCs have a good air about them, in that everybody is working toward one goal; to provide the best care possible for the residents. Therefore, it stands to reason that non-profit objectives could endorse that singular motive clearly. There are no distractions, no opportunities to make some money, and no temptations to exploit the codependent or vulnerable. The only question is how the quality of care can be maintained or even improved. 

There is also something admittedly charming about non-profit endeavors. It can be a mark of good character, a wholesome image that truly thrives on a community spirit. It is nice to be surrounded by people who genuinely care about what it is they do, untainted by any superficial motives. Of course, not every profit-making retirement community is evil, but with a non-profit, you at least know you are being welcomed into a dedicated community with certainty. 


Moving to a retirement home can be a difficult choice to make. Questions of ‘fitting in’ and assimilating into other’s way of life can understandably be a cause for concern. 

However, the best CCRCs ardently maintain an open-minded approach in how they do things. If you are in any doubt, check this retirement community to see what is meant by this. St. Anne’s Retirement Community flaunts proud Catholic heritage, but they happily welcome residents of all faiths. The fact that so many people of different backgrounds can come together in one community is a true testament to their outlook and proves that they take their duty of care seriously. 

Something so simple can be incredibly pure, and the CCRCs worthy of your time understand that to the full. They offer daily Rosary and Mass, and the Pastoral Care Department even welcome Protestant pastors from the surrounding community. Ultimately, respecting other people’s beliefs and finding common ground is still a rare thing to behold today. To be surrounded by that energy in a CCRC, however, would be truly magnificent. 

Stimulating Social Atmospheres

The best CCRCs have ‘providing a vibrant social setting’ right near the very top of their agenda. The ability to interact with residents and friendly staff is of high importance. 

Unfortunately, many CCRCs have been struggling in this regard during recent times. This is because of the coronavirus pandemic, and the sense of isolation that has brought around for everyone in keeping people in these communities safe. Excusing extraordinary circumstances (that will fade), exemplary CCRCs will always have the social welfare of their residents at heart, endeavoring to give them a steady supply of good company. 

Still, even in the time of coronavirus, the same source above notes that some residents cluster together in COVID-free support groups. So, even in these times, you would never be truly alone in these types of communities. When such times have passed things will improve, and it is that dedicated spirit that keeps CCRCs true to who they are and what they do. 

Plenty of Variety 

The negative perception of retirement homes and CCRCs largely stems from misconception. Some people think they will forfeit their independence, or simply be bored and stuck for things to do. 

CNBC advise people to do their research before landing in a retirement community, and much of it is rather negative in content. Tips on financial due diligence, catching out inept staff, and looking for unhappy residents tend to feature, and while these sorts of points may be valid in certain instances, they do not paint a positive picture of one’s twilight years. It is not all doom and gloom, and there is always scope for a prosperous experience here. 

The best CCRCs offer a range of reasons to enjoy your retirement. Volunteer opportunities will be shared with you, helping you stay active and alert in your later years. Room for health and spirituality initiatives will also be comprehensively presented to you as well. CCRCs are always focused on what they can do for you, providing you with a stimulating environment that you can truly call home in every sense of the word. 


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