The Top Healthy Living Tips When Part Of A Retirement Community

Updated on July 19, 2021

You might feel a bit closed in when you’re living in a retirement facility.

It’s all a state of mind, though. You can live a happy and healthy life no matter where you are, but only if you have the right attitude towards it. As you get a bit older, it’s certainly more difficult to cook healthy meals and get the amount of exercise you used to get.

Your retirement community is there to help you on your quest for healthy living. You only have to be open to new ways of doing it. Today, we’ll discuss some healthy living tips for those that are part of a retirement community. Sometimes, all you need is a little inspiration to get you moving again, so let us help you.

Stay Active and Get Outside

Maintaining a good amount of physical activity is crucial to feeling good and being healthy. We understand that it gets more difficult as you get older. Joints get tight and muscles get sore, but you should do as much as your body will allow.

Depending on what kind of facility you live in, there might be a small gym with some treadmills, stationary bikes, and other machines. This is certainly the case with some of the better 55 and older communities. Take advantage of these things and make sure to get outside for a daily walk; nothing beats the fresh air.

Play Brain Games

Staying sharp and maintaining your focus is important as your brain ages. If you feel like you aren’t as organized as you used to be, or you lose your train of thought more often, try playing some brain games.

Lumosity is a popular brain training app, but there are many others out there as well if you don’t want to use a smartphone. Check out this article from the Guardian that discusses the importance of mental workouts for people of all ages.

Learn Something New

Another thing that can help your brain health is learning a new hobby or activity. A lot of retirement communities promote creative activities like painting, knitting, music, or photography. These kinds of things can be stimulating and promote mental health.

Trying to learn a new language is one of the best things for your memory, boosting overall brain power, and decision-making abilities. Again, there are a lot of great apps out there that aim to help people learn languages from all over the world.

Healthy Eating

Your physical and mental health depends a lot on what you’re putting in your body, no matter what age you are. Of course, it becomes more important as you get older to maintain a healthy diet, but it’s more difficult in a lot of ways as well.

If you live in a retirement facility, you’ll have access to healthy meals every day, which you should take advantage of as much as possible. But, it’s nice to cook for yourself sometimes too.

Find healthy recipes that are easy to cook and make large batches. By cooking this way, you can always have something tasty and healthy to heat up in your freezer.


One of the perks of living in a retirement community, like Tellico Village, is right in the name; community. Having a sense of community in your facility is important for every person’s mental health. Being able to socialize with people your age by playing games, walking, and talking is invaluable as you get older.

That’s not to say your family shouldn’t come and visit you. If you choose a local option, your loved ones can come to visit you often. 

If You Feel Something, Say Something

Another perk of the retirement facility is that you’ll have regular visits from your doctor. They’ll keep you up-to-date with immunizations and make sure your medications are working properly (which we’ll discuss next). This allows you to stay on top of your physical health.

If you feel something strange inside, never hesitate to tell your doctor. One of the keys to healthy living is preventative maintenance. We know that it can be difficult or scary to bring up new symptoms to your doctor, but the sooner you do, the easier the problem can be dealt with.

Medication Management

Having nurses around 24/7 allows you to stay on top of your medications, such as leptoconnect, however extensive they may be.

When you start a new medication, there are always going to be minor side-effects that come with it. Living in a retirement facility allows you to make note of what the side-effects are and how severe they are. You can then report back to your nurse or doctor so they can make alterations.

Restful Sleep

Your retirement community will ensure that you’re getting the proper amount of sleep every night. While they can’t control your quality of sleep, they can ensure that everyone’s up in their rooms and quiet by a certain hour.

Getting quality sleep is essential for maintaining high energy levels and mental focus throughout the day. If you don’t sleep well, it trickles into every other aspect of your life. 

Meditation and Mindfulness

Not every retirement community will have meditation sessions, but you can perform meditation on your own in your room. Yoga and meditation are amazing for your mental and physical health as you get older. Promoting wellness and mindfulness can boost your energy, focus, and mood in a healthy and relaxing way.

You can find many guided meditations on the internet and loads of books have been written on various meditative practices over the years.

New Healthy Living Tips and Tricks

These are only a few healthy living tips to take into your retirement community, but what works for someone else might not work for you. Try to maintain a high level of physical and mental stimulation, socialize with your peers, and make sure to tell your doctor when you’re not feeling right. This will help you feel good and active.

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