The seven most romantic destinations in the world

Updated on May 14, 2023

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Loved-up couples searching for stunning destinations this summer have been told the top seven most romantic spots worldwide.

Travel experts at have researched the seven most charming, fairytale-like spots around the globe for couples to visit this summer. 

Whether newlyweds are planning a relaxing honeymoon in the South of France or jetting off to New York for anniversary celebrations, there are several spots across the globe offering the ultimate romantic experience. 

The Isle of Skye and Iceland are both packed with unique, stunning landscapes for those looking for a more remote trip away together. 

Couples wanting to soak up the sun should head to Nice, France or Seville in Spain, to make the most of the long daylight hours and enjoy the beautiful architecture together.

Hamilton Island in Australia is next to Heart Reef – a collection of heart shaped coral in the middle of the crystal blue sea – making this spot a quintessentially romantic destination for couples this summer. 

John Charnock, CEO of said: “Each couple has a different idea of what the perfect romantic spot is for them. But there are plenty of stunning destinations offering the best cuisine, unique landscapes and once-in-a-lifetime views across the globe to visit this summer. 

“Whether you’re planning a honeymoon, celebrating an anniversary or just want to spend some time with your other half, it’s a great idea to book a trip away this summer to one of the most romantic destinations across the world. 

“The Isle of Skye in Scotland offers gorgeous landscapes in a remote setting whereas the bustle of New York City is ideal for couples looking for a jam-packed itinerary together. 

“Italy and France are two of the most romantic countries in the world, so heading to Venice or Nice is an ideal way to admire the architecture, soak up the summer sun together and take a stroll through the characteristic streets of the cities.”’s most romantic destinations in the world:


Although not first on everyone’s romantic getaway list, Iceland is full of unique, rugged landscapes making the country a perfect spot for those looking for an adventure together. Discovering the awe-inspiring glaciers, waterfalls and lava fields and ending the day watching the breathtaking Northern Lights makes for a charming trip with your loved one. 

Venice, Italy 

Italy has long been dubbed one of the most romantic countries in the world and Venice is a must-stop for couples this summer. The city offers the chance to wander around the backstreets hand in hand, taste true Italian cuisine and relax on board the famous gondolas down the many canals which Venice has become synonymous with. 

Nice, France 

For those looking for the romance which France is famous for but wanting to avoid the crowds of Paris, travelling to the French Riviera and stopping off in Nice is a must. Couples can enjoy the views of the sparkling blue sea whilst soaking up the sun and stroll through the vibrant and characteristic old town. 

Isle of Skye, Scotland 

Couples wanting to get away from the stresses of everyday life should make a trip up to the Scottish Inner Hebrides. This fairy-tale island is packed full of sweeping green landscapes and incredible sunset spots makes the Isle of Skye undoubtedly one of the most romantic destinations in the world. 

Hamilton Island, Australia 

Hamilton Island is the largest inhabitable island in the area next to Heart Reef – a stunning collection of coral which has naturally formed into the shape of a heart. The gorgeous blue seas, luxurious summer sun and natural romantic landscapes in the area makes Hamilton Island a top destination for couples. 

New York City, USA 

It may be the city that never sleeps but New York is a perfect spot for couples looking for a jam-packed trip with plenty to do together. Strolling through Central Park on a bright summer’s day and making a trip up the Empire State Building to see the romance of the lights at nightfall are must do’s for couples in New York. 

Seville, Spain

Enjoying a candle-lit traditional Spanish dinner together and admiring the magnificent architecture across the city, makes Seville the perfect city for loved up couples. Appreciating the long daylight hours throughout the summer months together and watching the sunset at the top of Seville’s cathedral makes for an exquisite and romantic destination.

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