The Medical Appointments You Shouldn’t Put Off

Updated on November 23, 2021
The Medical Appointments You Shouldn't Put Off

When we grow older, we become more aware of the way our bodies change, such as moving slower, having less energy, and experiencing back pains. Even when we have physical struggles, we often brush going to the doctor’s aside unless we start exhibiting other symptoms. However, it’s never a good idea to skip, cancel, or hold off on appointments.

Cancer Screenings

Older adults become anxious when getting checked for cancer because they’re unsure if they may be in an early or later stage of the disease. However, cancer screenings are essential, as they detect signs of breast and colorectal cancers, to name a few.

As we progress through life, our chance of developing cancer rises. Going in for an annual screening can help save a life and even help build better living habits that lower the risk of developing cancer.

Red-Flag Symptom Checks

A red-flag symptom check-up is an appointment that can help patients and doctors determine what specific illness a warning symptom can lead to if not checked early. Many symptoms that go unnoticed have been linked to more serious diseases.

It becomes more of an issue for seniors if they don’t alert their doctors of symptoms. If you don’t make the appointments for problems such as pain, you won’t know how improved pain management impacts your life.

Chronic Disease Follow-ups

The risk of developing a chronic illness such as diabetes and heart disease increases in seniors. Even after an older adult has been diagnosed with a chronic disease, they still need to make and attend follow-up appointments. Although many can handle the care on their own by taking their temperature and blood pressure, this is not enough for everyone.

If you or your older parent struggles to make appointments, it’s a good idea to set up alternative appointment types, such as a phone call, video visit, or a monthly house call in which the doctor visits your home. Additionally, it’s important to keep taking the proper medications as prescribed when you’re not seeing the doctor.

Blood Tests

As we attend our appointments, it’s essential to continue doing blood work. Doctors use blood tests to track particular levels in the body, such as that of certain medications. When a doctor checks the medication levels, they can tell whether you are taking the right amount needed or if your dosage needs an increase.

Additionally, blood tests help track kidney functions when a patient is on blood pressure or cholesterol medicines. As such, this is one of the most important medical appointments you shouldn’t put off.

It’s essential to attend medical appointments, as it helps us build better bonds with doctors, understand different medical information, and learn better ways to live healthier lives. Going to the doctor is essential, so make an appointment with your healthcare provider today to learn how to live a more proactive lifestyle and track your symptoms and illnesses better.