The Keys to Making a Kid-Friendly Guest Bedroom

Updated on September 19, 2022
The Keys to Making a Kid-Friendly Guest Bedroom

There are numerous benefits to growing up and getting older, including expanding your family. For many people, that expansion eventually includes grandkids who bring lots of energy and joy with them wherever they go. When it’s time for that energy and joy to spend the night, though, they need to have a safe, comfortable spot that many traditional guest bedrooms don’t provide. Keep reading to learn about the keys to making a kid-friendly guest bedroom so that your grandkids will have the perfect place to sleep during their visits.

Use Relaxing Colors

Guests of all ages will want to come into their temporary bedroom and relax, but kids may need a little extra help doing so since new places are so exciting. You can help them naturally calm down using color theory. Certain colors send signals to our brains. So if you use relaxing colors when you paint and decorate your guest bedroom, you’ll send the signal to their brains that they need to calm down. Natural colors are most calming, such as blues and greens, especially when in pastel hues.

Prioritize Safety

Your kid-friendly guest bedroom shouldn’t just look calm and relaxing; it should also keep your little visitors safe. Safety in bedrooms primarily refers to covering wall outlets and buying the right bed. The bed is the most important aspect of any bedroom, including guest rooms. So if you’re furnishing the guest room on a budget and need something versatile that’s still safe for little ones, you need to choose carefully.

Twin beds are the best size for young children that are too big for cribs, but they may cramp adults. A double bed is a good compromise, as it’s bigger than a twin bed, but not so big that a little one will feel uncomfortable. You may also want to get bed railings so that little ones don’t fall out during the night.

Provide Comfort Items

If this is the first time your grandkids are staying over without their parents, they may feel scared. No matter how close you are to them, your guest bedroom is still a new sleeping environment, and they may need some extra comfort items to feel safe. Provide as many familiar comfort items as you can, such as a toy you always play with together and a family picture they can easily see from the bed. Installing nightlights or having them bring a nightlight from home may also help them feel more comfortable since they’ll be able to see better in the dark.

The keys to making a kid-friendly guest bedroom are using relaxing colors, making sure the room is safe, and providing comfort items. Following these tips will help them have a great sleepover at your home. Before you know it, they’ll be begging to come back.