The Ideal vs. Actual Husband

Updated on December 4, 2021

When she makes e mistake
kiss her on the nose and hug her
When she makes a mistake look down
at her, shake your head back and forth
and roll your eyes

One day when she doesn’t have make-up
on say, ‘I love my beautiful wife.”
Walk past her when she is not fixed up
and ask, “What happened to your face?”

Call her on Wednesday to ask her for a date
on Friday night at the restaurant of her choice
Walk in the door at 6:30 Friday night
and say, “Oh I thought if you were ready,
we’d go out…but you’re not.”

Light her fire with a kiss and candlelight
Tell her to turn on the lights and
complain,”What’s the deal with all the

Look her in the eyes when she’s talking to you
When she’s trying to talk you,
keep glancing at the television.

Smile at her and give her a hug first thing
when you come home from work.
Ask her what’s for dinner and why
isn’t it ready.

Surprise her with two
front-row tickets to a band she like. Take her on a surprise date to the
tractor pulls.

Ask her opinion about something that
matters to you.
Ask her opinion then tell her that
what she said was stupid.
Take her to a romantic movie. Sit in the back
row, pull her close and kiss her.

Take her to a professional wrestling
match, sit on the  front row and
say,"Isn't this a great way to spend
the evening?"

Jerry Robbins is a graduate of Gettysburg College (Philosophy major), Yale University Divinity School, and Hartford Seminary Foundation (Ph.D.). He has had 3 books published (Carevision by Judson, The Essential Luther by Baker, and Provocables by C.S.S.), many articles, and over 100 book reviews.


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