The Huge Influence of Grandparents on their Grandchildren’s Lives

Updated on February 26, 2016


By Tracey Clayton

Spending time with their parents is very important for kids, but spending time with their grandparents can be equally important and beneficial. Grandparents can awaken interests and emotions in kids that no other relative is capable of, and the connection children can create with someone that much older than them is definitely something that will shape up their personalities.

There is nothing like a good story

Grandparents are always full of amazing stories and children love to hear them. It is always fun for kids to imagine their older relatives as kids and listen to their adventures when they were little. Of course, with wisdom that comes with years, grandparents are bound to tell the most engaging stories that will always have some good moral that kids will pick up on, especially if they know that someone close to them actually had that experience and that it is not just talk. Basically, by listening to grandparents’ stories, children can make their first step of learning from other people’s mistakes and mischievousness.

Truthfulness can be learned from someone trustworthy

Grandparents are usually softer with their grandchildren than parents and therefore a bond of trust can easily be created between them. If children know that they can always tell something in confidence to their grandparents they will gradually develop the ability to be more open and honest with others, especially since grandparents will always seem understanding but fair, and explain when it is necessary to share the particular secret with parents. This way, kids will feel safe while at the same time learn the importance of telling the truth. Of course, there is nothing more fun than having some innocent secrets that only grandparents and kids would know.

Casual talks can mean a lot

When going over old photo albums and showing photos of them as children and their parents, grandparents can instill some good values in their grandchildren, especially with a casual background story that would not seem deliberate or pressuring. For example, they can talk about old ways and relationships between elders and children in their time with a lot of enjoyment in their manner of speech, thus encouraging children to be more respectful, patient and responsible in their own time as well. Of course, parents were stricter back then and kids will feel grateful too for the ways things are nowadays and have more love for their parents and grandparents.

The wonders of grandparents’ home

If the grandparents live in countryside, different town or even different house, this is a great opportunity for children to experience different settings and have fun exploring the new place. Not to mention that memento boxes of grandparents are a real treasure for young kids. There is always something interesting to find in the attic, basement or big yard at the country. Running around discovering where everything is and looking for old-fashioned things while making up or imagining stories behind them will encourage more physical activity in children as well as creative thinking.

Grandparents can show that learning is fun

By considering grandparents good playtime partners, children will accept them easier as study partners, too. Both parents and grandparents can use this opportunity to spark some hobbies and study habits in children. For example, grandparents can encourage the love of math and numbers by showing kids how interesting Sudoku or other number games are and ask the children to show them how to play these games online. Children will feel responsible and proud when explaining something they know while having fun playing something that will improve their logic skill.

When helping busy parents at work, grandparents can become an exceptional and irreplaceable influence in children’s lives. Kids will not only have great time, but they will also learn something new, useful and important when it comes to their family, proper behavior and world around them.

About author:

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She loves cooking, baking, sewing, spending quality time with her daughters and she’s passionate for writing. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.” Find her on Facebook.


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