The Heavenly Record of your Life

Updated on December 3, 2023

Did you know that every thought, word, and minute of your existence is forever etched in Universal space and time? It is never lost or erased. Your entire past and whole life is stored in a non-physical mental plane. Your personal records are encoded in a vibrational electromagnetic wave and stored in holographic images. They are shown to you when your spirit departs from your physical body and you ascend to your non-physical home. Some gifted physics however, have found the secret to accessing these records NOW! 

One such gifted psychic was a man named Edgar Cayce, a world renowned prophet who lived from 1877 to 1945. Cayce was able to enter a trance state in which he lost conscious awareness of what was happening in the world around him. During this estranged state of m ind, he was able to tele-transport his psychic being to other locations. He sometimes traveled hundreds of miles to treat sick patients. With no formal training, he conducted a visual examination of the patient’s body. He then diagnosed the underlying medical condition and developed a treatment plan. The sessions were dictated to and recorded by his secretary. After the session was over, Cayce did not remember any of the recommendations he verbalized during his trance.

A Major Breakthrough in Mind Development 

Cayce’s healing capabilities were considered remarkable by  visionaries in the metaphysical field. Although no University research was ever conducted on the percentage of his successes, the thousands of treated patients were testimony to the positive outcome of his work. 

Cayce’s concept of “long distance healing” was met with some disbelief and scorn by Medical professionals. However, the people who benefited were thrilled with the results; they told others and within months, Cayce was swamped with new healing requests from all over the United states. Cayce’s record of psychic dislocation opened up new possibilities in the following areas: 

  1. military reconnaissance,
  2. mental and physical healing,
  3. problem solving
  4. after life communications. 

If psychics truly mastered the secrets to communicating with the spiritual realm, it could lead to a totally new functioning world order.The belief that there is a Universal bank of knowledge that contains all the events, thoughts, words, emotions that have occurred in the past, present or future is strengthened by accounts of thousands of people who crossed the threshold from life to death. They’ve been labeled near death experiencers (NDE’s).

What Was learned from People who Died

Raymond Moody, MD, wrote a breakthrough book on the subject, entitled “Life after Life”. He interviewed hundreds of people from all walks of life who were clinically dead but then resuscitated. 

Most reported having an experience of floating out of their physical bodies upon dying (O.B.E’s). They entered another dimension, similar to Earth but spectacular in color and landscape. They were met with spiritual masters and in some cases, deceased relatives and friends. It was a loving environment, unlike anything they’ve ever experienced on Earth.

Since Moody’s book, volumes of research has been done which added to his findings. One of the highlights was a life review. NDE’s were shown what looked like a three dimensional movie. It was a real-life depiction of their life from the time they were born until they died. Every event, encounter and experience were relived. Even the raw emotions were felt by both the observer and participants during their life’s interlude. 

It was a panorama review of their entire existence from birth to death in just a matter of earth-time minutes. In the spiritual realm, passage of time that exists in our dimension doesn’t apply. Everything happens all at once, past, present and future. Space and time are one. It’s a concept earthbound people find difficult to comprehend since all our experiences take place in linear time.

Eventually the NDE spirits were told it wasn’t time to leave their Earthbound mission. They had more to learn and accomplish per their pre-birth contract. After the tour of the afterlife they were told they had to go back to complete their contractual agreement.  

All, except for a few, wanted to stay in the peaceful, loving surroundings they were in. Some were so adamant, they refused to go back. They had to be persuaded and shown compelling reasons why they needed to return. For example, two were shown images of children who would be born to them in the future. In the two NDE cases, years after their return, they did have children who looked exactly like the ones they were shown.Those who returned to their bodies had to make major adjustments. 

The first was dealing with feelings of anger and resentment. They left a heavenly habitation that was the living embodiment of a paradise. They never felt such total compassionate, unconditional love. The breathtaking beauty of mountains, flowing fields of green grass, crystal-clear lakes, swathes of colorful flowers, made it an awe-inspiring experience. It was unlike anything they had known on Earth. Leaving all that behind to return to a body racked with pain was mind shattering.

A Rebirth and New Start to Life

Near death experiencers found their attitudes about life and living were dramatically changed. First, they no longer feared death. They experienced what it was like to die and what followed. It was an indescribably, magnificent experience.

They learned what it was like to be loved and to love unconditionally. They learn that love is all there is. It’s the fundamental law of the Universe. The overriding purpose of our existence is to learn love and share it with everyone in our lives.NDE’s saw everything from a different perspective. They were less critical and more accepting of others. They felt life was purposeful. Love was in the forefront of their life. They were happiest and most fulfilled when they were of service to others. 

The little things, like a warm hello and a broad smile was enough to create a feeling of closeness with each another.

One of the other benefits of their NDE was that the knowledge of the Universe was passed along to them.  Questions were answered, sometimes before they were even asked. One man called it equivalent to “downloading” in computer jargon. Information entered their minds effortlessly and automatically. Some information they could retain and bring back. Other information was erased from memory when they returned to the physical state. The reasons were not clear.Each NDE was shown how everything on planet Earth is interconnected. Each person, tree, flower, plant, every animate and inanimate object or creature has a place in the overall scheme of Earthly existence  

On the other side, they witnessed the life essence of the grass, flowers, trees. They could merge with a tree for example, and become one with it. The interconnectedness of everything was magnificent and unforgettable to all who witnessed this miracle.

Implications For The Future of Mankind

The implications of the material covered in this essay are mind blowing. Imagine being able to channel  information from the entire universe on subjects of import. Edgar Cayce was able to channel medical information from the Akashic Records while in a deep trance. Although he was not educated in the treatment of illnesses, he was able to formulate a treatment plan to restore people back to health while he was asleep. Upon awakening, he had no recollection of the treatment plan he prescribed. 

Jane Roberts (1929 – 1984) was a channel for a spiritual entity known as “Seth”. Her works on channeling sessions with Seth have received world-wide acclaim. With her husband seated along side taking notes, she would enter a trance. 

She drew upon the Spiritual essence of Seth to discuss a multitude of issues like “The nature of reality, reincarnation, life’s purpose, illness, death and dying”. When channelling Seth, she was able to assume his identity. She talked in a masculine tone and spoke in a vernacular commensurate with his last life on earth. Like Cayce, she did not remember any of the information Seth imparted to her during her trance. She had to wait until her husband, Rob transcribed his notes to find out.

Seth lived many lives and part of his job in the spiritual plane is to reorient recently departed souls to their new home. It’s not truly a new home in one sense but living a lifetime in an earthbound physical body causes memory loss. A listing of Jane Robert’s published works, biographical information, and accomplishments during her lifetime can be found in Wikipedia.

You Too Can Channel

Channeling is a skill almost anyone can learn and put to use. You are channeling now but probably don’t realize it. All the thoughts that come to mind aren’t always your original conceptions. They may be coming from your Spiritual Guide or some level or dimension other than the physical reality you know.

How can you tell whether the thoughts that come into your head are original or coming from the outside? It isn’t always clear. Sometimes a thought suddenly grips you. When it’s something that comes “out of the blue” with no logical connection, it could be one of two things: Either it’s a Spiritual Guide message, or an abstract idea you unknowingly plucked from the zillions of thought formations afloat in Universal consciousness. If it’s  a thought that comes to you through disciplined thinking, using inductive or deductive reasoning, it’s probably yours. You are then applying the mental tools that you were born with. 

There is a real difference between a sudden thought that seems to come out of nowhere and a one that just creeps in; a feeling or inkling that forges into consciousness. That is called intuition. Intuition is not a reliable point of reference to base an important decision. It can, however, be a lead for further exploration.

Learning to Channel

It takes a lot of patience and time to learn how to channel.  The best way to start is by meditating.  Meditation occurs when the object (meditator) goes into a total, relaxed state and clears their mind of racing, uncontrolled thoughts. 

Using a Mantra during the session helps. A Mantra is a low humming sound or a motivational phrase that’s repeated rapidly. It opens the meditator’s mind to receiving messages from beyond. If you can rid your mind of extraneous thoughts and just concentrate on a mantra, you will be in the right mindset to engage in channeling. You can begin by trying to channel your Spiritual Guide. 

Every person has at least one guide, and perhaps two or even more. It may take time to connect but once you do, you will have access to an invaluable source of information and guidance. You should not ask Your guide for the answer to  problems you are having. It’s not in their calling to solve problems for you. They are there as a “guide,” an angelic presence who looks after you during your incarnation. They gently chaperone you along the path to completing your Earthly mission.

A channeled spirit offers more than just guidance They offer “Devine” information you can consider in pursuit of your goals. You can select the spirit you want to channel. Your spirits can show you the way to find true meaning in life. With practice and perseverance you can learn how to use channeling77 tools for achieving a more rewarding and fulfilling life while living in this educational habitat called Earth.

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