The Best of Marbella for the Mobility Impaired

Updated on November 10, 2018
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Midday in Marbella’s Old Town

Photo: by Kaymar Adl, CC BY 2.0

Holidaying can feel intimidating when you’re mobility impaired, but it needn’t stop you from seeing more of the world, experiencing new cultures or even just soaking up the sunshine. Everyone should be able to travel in confidence, sometimes all it takes is a little prior preparation. We’ve put together the perfect itinerary for a few days on the Costa del Sol, but follow the same steps and you could plan out a dream holiday just about anywhere.

Choose your Destination

This step almost goes without saying, but give plenty of thought to it. Winter holidays can be more troublesome, ice and snow make getting around more difficult. If your heart is set on a wintry break then try to choose a city location where paths will be regularly cleared. Sunshine holidays are easier to prepare for, but very rural locations can have bumpy terrain underfoot.

Marbella makes a great destination, because although it has all the beauty of a more rural beachside holiday, it is a town with well-maintained sidewalks. Most importantly though, it benefits from the perfect holidaying climate. It is protected on its northern boundary by stunning mountains, which as well as being wonderfully picturesque, also shelter the city from cold winds. The climate is further improved by the low annual rainfall and a staggering 2900 hours of sunshine per year. Weather-wise, it couldn’t be a more perfect holiday destination.

Find a Hotel

The cobbled streets of the old town are romantic, but can be a little tricky to navigate! Also, the feeling of space a little further out of town is one of the reasons this hotel is great. The H10 Andalusia Plaza is recognised by many well-renowned companies as a truly mobility friendly hotel. Its adults only policy also makes it the perfect relaxing retreat for those of us who want a little time in paradise, child-free.

Access is easy across all areas of the hotel: the lobby is even and flat, all floors are served by a lift, ramps are provided for the pool and restaurant and if you have any difficulties getting around then the staff are incredibly accommodating.

Eating Out

Just around the corner from your hotel is the palm tree-fronted Marbella Casino, home to The PokerStars Festival Marbella and The Marbella Cup. Whilst this is undoubtedly a state of the art building for anyone who is a Casino enthusiast, perhaps surprisingly their menu is what we’re really here for! There are options galore for those wanting to sample the local cuisine, a favourite is the very traditional roast shoulder of goat, whilst the cod carpaccio with Malaga salad combines modern cuisine with a true classic of the region.

Must See Attractions

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Sand and Blue Skies on Marbella Beach

Photo: by Peter & Michelle S, CC BY 2.0

The Old Town is truly beautiful, but as mentioned earlier the cobbled streets can be difficult for those a little unsteady on their feet. Mobility Spain offer a wheelchair and mobility scooter rental service, which is incredibly affordable and conveniently located. A mobility scooter makes it a breeze getting around, so you can take the cobbles in your stride. Whilst you’re visiting the old town, be sure to stop and take in the Ermita del Santo Cristo de la Vera Cruz, a 15th century church with an unusual glazed tile roof to the bell tower.

One of the most enjoyable ways to escape the heat of the sun is to take a stroll through Constitution Park, which thoughtfully provides tiled and paved promenades. A tranquil and peaceful haven very close to the old town, the park is full of palm trees which provide some much needed shade during the summer months. Watch parakeets and swallows fly from tree to tree and take in the exotic bird of paradise flowers. Once you’re finished, the beach is only 100 metres from the eastern edge of the park – a trip to Marbella wouldn’t be complete without seeing the sea!

Of course this covers just the bare bones of the city, with a little more research you’ll be sure to get the most from your holiday. If after all of that Marbella still doesn’t take your fancy, then fear not, we have plenty of other suggestions! Remember, take time to plan in advance, find the best way of getting around ahead of time and don’t let your worries stop you from soaking up the atmosphere and making the absolute best of your next vacation. 


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