The Best Modifications To Install First in Your Diesel Truck

Updated on August 30, 2021
The Best Modifications To Install First in Your Diesel Truck

When you own a diesel truck, you start to understand very quickly why the people who own them swear by them so much. Because diesel trucks last so long, many people who own them get very into customizing and modifying their trucks to fit their specific needs. If you already own a diesel truck but don’t know where to start with making it yours, we have a few suggestions. Here are some of the best modifications to install first in your diesel truck.

Cold Air Intake

The cold air intake system’s purpose is to deliver air to your diesel engine that is far more oxygenated than what is provided by a normal air intake system. This modification is an easy one to get started with, and it makes a noticeable difference right away. With more oxygenated air, your engine burns fuel much more efficiently, and your overall power and torque become much stronger. This is a perfect first modification for your diesel truck.

Performance Programmer/Tuner

Programmers, sometimes also known as tuners, are interesting little devices that confer a lot of benefits to your diesel truck. Installing a performance programmer or tuner is almost like giving your diesel truck a brain of its own. The programmer analyzes how you drive and can adjust other systems in your truck to match your driving style. This can improve fuel efficiency, increase performance, and make the driving experience much smoother.


One of the easiest modifications you make on your truck is installing more specialized performance tires. The tires you receive from the factory are perfectly serviceable, but they won’t get the job done if you plan on putting your truck through its paces. It’s a good idea to splurge a bit on tires so you don’t have to worry about them giving out on you earlier than you would like.

High Flow Exhaust System

The exhaust system in a diesel truck is even more important to its function than the exhaust system in a gasoline vehicle. The combustion process in a diesel engine is fully enclosed, meaning that the exhaust created by the engine plays an even bigger part in your truck’s performance. High flow exhaust systems allow more air to flow through your engine, creating much more power and improving performance overall.

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