The Best Hobbies For Seniors

Updated on March 23, 2022

Everyone needs to have hobbies to fill their free time and to enjoy themselves, but this becomes particularly important as a senior. When you no longer have to worry about work, it opens up an enormous amount of time, and it is important that this is filled with activities that you enjoy and encourage you to get out the house, be active and socialize with others. There are many great hobbies for seniors to consider so if you or a loved one is seeking a new activity to try then read on for a few hobbies which are well-suited to seniors.


If you have an interest in nature and the ocean, then diving could be a terrific hobby as it can show you the great beauty of the world beneath the surface. It is also an activity that can take out of your comfort zone and take a while to master. The PADI advanced open water course is perfect for developing your skills after an open water course and will allow you to try out a few different types of dive.

Walking Sports

In the last few years, there has been the introduction of walking sports around the world, which has proven to be a fantastic idea. These sports do not allow running, so they are well-suited to seniors and/or those recovering from an injury because they can still enjoy the competitive nature of the sport without the physical strain and impact. They are also highly social and a chance to meet people with similar interests to your own.

If you’re not interested in the sport itself but still find you are unable to run or perform any kind of high-impact exercise, then you can still make walking a hobby. Simply going for a daily walk has many health benefits and it can be a lovely experience to get out into nature and walk either by yourself or with a group of friends – and maybe even a few dogs!

Model Building

Model building is a great hobby allowing you to clear your mind and concentrate on building whatever project you are working on. It is beneficial not only as a stress reliever but also helps to build cognitive skills such as concentration, visual-motor skills, and executive functions. This makes it particularly good for seniors to keep both mind and body active. There are many choices of models that are available to build and you can view a variety of kits here. 


Yoga is a great low-impact form of exercise, and it can be done from the comfort of your own home or as part of a class. There are also mental health benefits to yoga, as it can help to tackle stress and depression. This is hugely important as this can be an area that many seniors struggle with particularly if they live by themselves.


Make some time to be creative in your life; many seniors find that drawing is a fun, rewarding, and relaxing hobby to fill their time. Even if you have no prior experience or skills, you can learn to draw with classes, online guides, and books and it can be incredibly rewarding once you begin to see your abilities develop and you start to form your own drawing style.


Fishing is a great pastime because it allows you to relax out in nature and enjoy fresh air, plus it can be incredibly rewarding – if you manage to catch anything that is! Additionally, there is a real sense of community when it comes to fishing, so it is a good way to meet new people and get out of the house.


It is essential for you to stay active and to get outdoors as you start to age, but this can be a challenge sometimes. Gardening allows you to do this, and it can be physically quite demanding but enjoyable work. Not only this but growing your own vegetables is a great way to improve your diet while also saving money on your grocery bill each month.


There are few forms of exercise as good as swimming as it is a full body workout but also a low impact exercise, so it is ideal for seniors. Many people also find swimming to be a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing experience, particularly if you can find a nice pool to swim in on a regular basis. 


It can be easy to feel disconnected from society once you stop working, which is a key reason why so many seniors struggle with feelings of isolation and loneliness. If you are able to, volunteering in any capacity can be rewarding because you stay connected to society, it can be highly social, and you get to make a positive difference to the world.

Every senior, including you, need a few hobbies that they enjoy doing with the above being a few good options which can help them to stay active, engaged, and social. Aging can be a difficult experience, but having multiple healthy hobbies can make these years enjoyable and valuable.

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