The Benefits of Martial Arts for the Elderly

Updated on September 16, 2020
The Benefits of Martial Arts for the Elderly

As we age, most of us need to get a certain amount of physical activity, ideally in the form of exercise. A great, healthy option for physical activity is martial arts. And as it turns out, there are types of martial arts that are well-suited for older adults. No matter what age you are, martial arts offers a brand-new perspective that can enhance one’s life. Here, we will take a further look at the benefits of martial arts for the elderly.

Provides You With a Fresh Renewal

Martial arts are a great physical activity, but they offer more beyond that. They bring together the mind, body, and spirit, renewing and enriching your life in a whole new way. Martial arts engage both your physical and mental capacity. This makes it a wonderful option, especially for seniors. This practice can help increase strength and flexibility, which starts to decrease past the age of 50. Practicing a martial art can strengthen the body in ways that can vastly improve an elderly person’s quality of life.

A Way to Connect With New People

Healthy and frequent interaction with others is an important aspect of life, especially in advancing age. Taking up a martial art can open doors to making new friends because martial arts are practiced in a group setting. Classes will generally have multiple students, so this is a great way to branch out and become more social.

A Good Reason To Leave the House

Often, people start to stay in as they get older. Becoming too used to the idea of staying in the house all day can cause the elderly to miss out on much of what life still has to offer. Martial arts gets you out of the house. It is so much more fulfilling to spend a part of the day doing something productive while having fun and interacting with people than it is sitting cooped up at home each day.

It Can Teach Something New

One of the most rewarding benefits of martial arts for the elderly is that it teaches something new. Many times, at an older age, it is hard for us to imagine ourselves learning something that will give us a new understanding of life. Different martial arts can offer a variety of new things to learn, such as self-improvement and self-defense. Consider how tai chi can expand one’s mindful awareness or how hapkido can train a person to defend themselves with a cane. Whatever martial art a person chooses, there is always something to learn.