The Benefits of Becoming a Classic Car Club Member

Updated on July 25, 2023
The Benefits of Becoming a Classic Car Club Member

Are you a retiree looking for something to fill your time and connect more with like-minded people? If you love or own a classic car, consider joining a classic car club! We consider the benefits of becoming a classic car club member below.

Project Help

A terrific indirect benefit of joining a classic car club is gaining access to the stories of those with knowledge and experience with classic cars. A useful tip for restoring your classic car is joining a classic car club and using other members as resources throughout the project.

Classic car clubs host many members who have conducted their restoration projects and been through practically everything you can imagine. Often, they are willing to offer that experience and knowledge to other members. Or, if you’re having problems with your vehicle but can’t figure it out, a fellow car club member may help pinpoint the issue with a set of experienced eyes and ears.

Perks & Discounts

While classic car clubs require membership dues, members can often get their money back through membership perks and discounts. Many, if not all, classic car clubs offer discounts for parts, services from auto shops, parts vendors, and many other automotive services.

Plus, if you’re searching for a classic car part, you may find a fellow member who has a stock of old parts and is willing to sell them to you at a member discount. With how expensive classic car parts and services can be, even a slight discount can make up for the monthly dues!

Connect With the Classic Car Market

Another benefit of becoming a classic car club member is instantly networking with other classic car owners to buy and sell vintage vehicles. While not every member may be a collector, every club features a strong market of those most interested in buying a classic car.

If you’re looking to sell a vehicle, you’ll find more interested buyers in the club than you would after listing the vehicle online or in a magazine for weeks. And if you’re adding to your collection, some members are willing to part with a classic car and often do so at a discount for their fellow club members.

Car Show & Swap Perks

Along with discounts and networking, classic car club members also get preferential access and perks for car shows and swaps. Every classic car club organizes some car show or swap throughout the year, and if you’re a member, you’ll have greater access and benefits for the shows.

Taking your classic car to a show or swap is an excellent way to get it in front of the local collector’s community to raise its potential value!